Bizarre Items Made of Gold for Celebrity Budgets

The millions rolling in for celebrities know no bounds. From teeth grills to golden food, celebrities spend their money on bizarre items made of gold. To feel fancier and wealthier than the rest, they can dine on edible gold, walk in gold shoes and even paint their face in gold. Here are a few of the peculiar gold items only made for celebrity budgets.

Gold Sushi

Gold Sushi

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With edible flakes, celebrities wrap pieces of sushi with a fine layer of gold. They can chew on this thin 24-karat gold ribbon with no digestive issues. You can find gold sushi in the Philippines, but at nearly $3,000 a plate, celebrities are generally the only ones with the bank accounts hefty enough to fork out the dough for a dish so extravagant. It’s certainly one of the most expensive sushi dishes in the world.

Gold Facial

Gold Facial

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Naturally celebrities wish to be bathed in gold and in certain spas throughout the world, it’s entirely possible. Spa estheticians rub a thin layer of 24-karat gold over the face and let it harden. The purpose is to soften and firm the skin, as well as relax the mind as the gold is applied. While most facials at top spas run $100-200, this one is over twice as much at $500. Celebrities need deep pockets to shell out for this golden glow, especially when the gold is simply rinsed off at the end.

Gold Shoes

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As recent as April 2011, gold shoes were created by designer Christopher Michael Shellis with 30 carats in diamonds and solid gold. Costing over $200,000, celebrities may want to think twice before pounding the pavement in these. Hot asphalt and dirty sidewalks will ruin that $200K quickly. They should stick to red carpets when taking these out on display.

Gold Dessert

Gold Dessert

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In New York City, celebrities head to Serendipity 3 to partake in a famous golden dessert called the Grand Opulence Sundae. For a mere $1,000, the dessert includes five scoops of Madagascar vanilla bean ice cream, a 23-karat edible gold leaf, Amendei Porceleana and Chuaco chocolate pieces, candied fruit, truffles, gold dragnets, cherries and bowl of Grand Passion Cavier to mix with a spoonful of the ice cream. It’s arguably the most indulgent dessert on the planet—but if you add in the expense of the cavier on its own, it makes the thousand a celebrity would spend a little more palatable. Because celebrities carry no-limit credit cards and the Benjamins simply fall out of their wallets, spending more than $1,000 on a dessert isn’t a stretch.
The rich and famous can live large eating and wearing real gold. For the rest of us, rather than eating up our savings (literally), it’s a much better idea to get in on investing in gold.

6 Cool Hiding Places in Your Home for Gold

It’s a good idea to store some cash at home for use in an emergency. Plus, lots of people like to hide gold and other commodities and investments at home instead of paying a monthly fee for a safety deposit box at a bank. If you are going to hide gold and valuable objects at home, you need some good hiding places to keep everything safe. Check out some of the coolest hiding places in your home for gold, cash, and more.

In a Hollowed-Out Book

Gold Book

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One of the oldest tricks for hiding money at home is in a hollowed-out book. It’s still a good idea, especially if you have a lot of books, because it would take someone a really long time to go through all of them to find your money stash. You could also just put some dollar bills in random pages of a book instead of hollowing it out.

In a Jar in the Toilet Tank

Gold Toilet Tank

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I don’t know about you, but I can count the number of times I’ve looked inside my toilet tank on one hand, so it’s a pretty good hiding place. If you are going to store money in the tank on the back of your toilet, you should make sure to put it in a water-tight container. Of course, if the money gets a little wet, that’s ok — it doesn’t dissolve in water.

Sewn Inside the Lining of a Jacket or Pillow

Gold Lining

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Not many people would suspect that you are hiding money inside an old jacket or a decorative pillow, but it’s really easy to hide it in the lining. Just make sure that you hide it in a jacket or pillow that a loved one won’t mistakenly throw out. If your spouse likes to clean out the closet, make sure they are aware of the money stash.

Wrapped in Aluminum Foil in the Freezer

Freeze Gold

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If you are being robbed nobody is going to take frozen meat out of your freezer, so disguise your money to look like it. Before using the money, though, you’ll have to leave it out for a day or two to defrost, so you’ll have to plan ahead if you need to use the money.

Inside a DVD Case of a Movie You Never Watch

Gold DVD Case

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This is a great idea if you have a large DVD collection. A robber isn’t going to spend the time to go through each of your DVDs, and if you put your money in the case of a movie nobody is ever going to watch, chances are pretty good that a robber won’t bother taking it.

Underneath an Entertainment Center, Piano, or Anything Else that Weighs a Lot

Gold Piano

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People don’t usually bother to take heavy items when they are robbing you because it takes too much time and effort. So, your money will be pretty safe underneath a heavy object. Plus, you might be able to save the money for longer because you’ll think twice before taking the time to remove it yourself.

All of these are pretty good hiding places for money, gold, and more, but make sure you remember where your hiding place is. It would be annoying if you went to use your emergency money and couldn’t remember where it was.

11 of the Most Extravagant Pieces of Jewelry in the World

Gold has always been a popular metal to use in jewelry because of its glimmer, expensive look, and durable structure. Some of the most expensive pieces of gold jewelry go for over $1,000,000, and many go for much more. Take a look at some of the world’s most extravagant pieces of gold jewelry and their price tags.

Stunning Gold Necklaces

Gold Necklaces

Image Courtesy of Snow Kitty via Flickr

  • Gold Bullet Necklace: These are custom made from 14k white gold or yellow gold. They also have diamonds and other precious stones included in the design. Price Tag: Starting at $3,000 with no price cap
  • William Goldberg Gold Set Diamond Necklace: With a total weight of 45 karats, this 18k yellow gold necklace has multicolored diamonds. Price Tag: $2,000,000
  • Bvlgari Multicolor Gold Set Sapphire and Diamond Necklace: Various diamonds and multicolored sapphires combine on an 18k gold frame. It features a tapered bib design that has a brilliant sparkle. Price Tag: $1,050,000

Eye-Stopping Gold Rings

Gold Rings

Image Courtesy of intagems via Flickr

  • Chopard Blue Diamond Ring: With an 18k white gold band, this ring features the rarest diamond in the world — the blue diamond. Price Tag: $16,200,000
  • Novo Yellow Diamond Ring: This ring is made from a combination of yellow gold and platinum. The center has a 25.27k yellow diamond center. It is available from Tiffany’s. Price Tag: $1,350,000

Expensive Gold Watches

Gold Watches

Image Courtesy of LifeHouseDesign via Flickr

  • Patek Philippe’s SuperCompilation: This pocket watch takes over five years to manufacture because there are over 900 parts that are each hand crafted. The face of the watch features the nighttime sky over New York City. Plus, the chime mimics the sound of London’s Big Ben. The exterior is 18k gold. Price Tag: $11,000,000
  • Chanel D-Flawless White Gold, Pearl Diamond Watch: This watch is from the Privee Collection. It has an 18k white gold band, 133 diamonds, and 120 pearls. They all intertwine to create a watch that cries extravagant. Price Tag: $1,900,000
  • Vacheron Constatin Tour de I’lle: This wrist watch has 18k gold bezels and a yellow gold exterior. And, with 834 individual parts, it took over 10,000 hours of design time to create. Featured on this wrist watch are a time zone, sunset time, perpetual calendar, and minute repeater. Price Tag: $1,500,000
  • Jacob & Co Thirteen Time Zone with Rubies: Set with 294 Burmese Rubies and made from 18k white gold, this ladies’ watch features an alligator band and thirteen time zones. Price Tag: $1,200,000

Other Gold Jewelry

Gold Jewelry

Image Courtesy of Clive Kandel via Flickr

  • The Cartier Panther or Panthere: This is a bracelet originally designed for Wallis Simpson. There is also a matching brooch. It is made from a gold and platinum mix and then encrusted with diamonds to create the skin of the panther. Price Tag: $12,500,000
  • The Star Collection Buccellati of Italy: This is a necklace and earring set made from 18k yellow gold and several diamonds. It was created by New York’s 5th Avenue. Price Tag: $1,400,000

Although you might not be able to own any of these extravagant pieces of gold jewelry, it’s still fascinating to see what people are willing to pay for such works of art. What is the most extravagant piece of gold jewelry you own?

Fake Gold? Forget About It! Use These 4 Foolproof Detection Tips

There are few things more exciting than the prospects of buying real gold, and few things more disappointing than realizing the gold is fake. With just a little bit of information, even the most novice of gold buyers can learn how to tell fake gold from the real thing.

Look For Markings

Gold Markings

Image Courtesy of aeturnum via Flickr

When you buy gold items, they will be stamped with some kind of indication as to what they are. Counterfeiters will often neglect to include these stamps in their fake gold, which is something you can use to your advantage. If the gold object you are holding is pure gold, then there will be a number with the letter “K” stamped on the piece somewhere. For example, if you find “10K” stamped on the gold, then it is a solid gold, 10 carat piece. If you see “GP” stamped on the piece, then it is gold-plated and not solid gold. A stamp of “GP” means it is gold filled with a base metal, and “GL” means it is gold layered onto a base metal. When you know how to read these stamps, it will help you to determine whether or not you have real gold.

Bite Down On It

Bite Down on Gold

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Have you ever seen a movie or a television show where someone bites down on a gold coin to see if it is real? Believe it or not, that is a real test that you can use to see if your gold is real or fake. Gold is a very soft metal and will actually allow your teeth to leave an impression if you bite down on it. Try not to bite too hard because you could injure yourself if the gold is fake. But if it is real, then you will see a slight indentation of your teeth after you have bitten down on it.

Use A Magnet

Magnet on Gold

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This is a good test you can use for several different kinds of precious metals. Gold and silver are not magnetic. That is why jewelers and precious metal buyers carry a small magnet with them. Gold or silver that has been plated to a base metal will be attracted to a magnet. Pure gold or silver will show no magnetic qualities at all.

Rub Away The Plating

Gold Plating

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People who buy and sell gold always carry a jeweler’s cleaning cloth with them to test items to see if they are gold plated. If someone hands you a gold piece and you clean the item vigorously with a jeweler’s cleaning cloth, then the gold plating will start to rub off. After a few seconds of rubbing, you should be able to see the darker shade of the base metal if the piece is fake.

Before you invest in any gold, always take a few moments to make sure that the gold is real. With a few easy tests, you can save yourself a lot of money by not paying real gold prices for fake gold pieces.

Gold Jewelry on the Runways: 6 Hot Trends This Year

What would an outfit be without accessories? Gold jewelry is always a part of high fashion and here are the hottest trends for gold this year.

Pink Gold

Pink Gold

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A perfect complement to most skin tones, pink gold is coming in big this fall. Many jewelry designers are using pink gold in their designs for earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings. Louis Vuitton is offering pink gold items including a simple necklace with heart entwining a monogrammed flower, available with matching bracelet and earrings. Cartier’s new line includes pink gold necklaces complemented by blue sapphires as well as other options in their LOVE collection.



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The next top trend found on the runways is the combination of three golds: white gold, yellow gold, and pink gold. It’s found at Cartier in the Trinity collection which has been worn by the likes of Kate Middleton and Naomi Watts. Other designers are joining the trend including Louis Vuitton’s monogram idyll ring.

Tough Girl Chic

Tough Gold

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For girls that want to show their toughness through their jewelry, the new trend of nail inspired jewelry is a welcome sight. The nail design used in Cartier’s Juste un Clou Collection is inspired by designs from the ’70s, while amping up the quality of the pieces. Both rings and bracelets are available. Hermes takes the design to a whole new level with a gold twisted nail bangle or check out A.L.C large nail cuff (pictured above).


Whimsical Gold

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If Alice in Wonderland is more your style, new trends in whimsical designs are here. Prediletto has many designs to choose from including keyholes, books, and balloons. The one shown above is set in white and pink gold with ebony and Mother of Pearl. Percossi Papi brings designs to life that are ocean inspired including Old World sailing ships, fish, and pirate skulls. Very colorful, these designs use many precious stones including blue topaz, peridot, garnet and sapphire.


Animal Gold

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Jewelry trending right now is often shaped like animals. From the frog ring to the giraffe bracelet, if you’re an animal lover, you’ll have a lot to choose from. David Webb has many animal-inspired choices. One such choice is the diamond panther necklace, complemented with yellow gold, platinum and emeralds. Another option is the frog link bracelet of yellow gold.

Rings are another common piece of jewelry with animal themes. There’s the Big Snake ring (picture above) by Ileana Makri or gecko ring by Kenneth Jay Lane.

Chunky Jewelry

Chunky Gold

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Whatever style you choose, it’s clear that it should be big and bold. With this statement jewelry, it becomes the outfit, so use the rest of your outfit as a canvas for it. The Mawi honeycomb cuff in rose gold is fabulous with a black dress while the Maiyet gold sculpt ring will definitely stand out on anyone’s finger. Big rings are definitely in whether you choose a triple finger snake ring or a double knuckle hinged ring.

Whether in the form of eye-catching jewelry to make a statement about who you are, something simple to give that extra oomph to an outfit or treasured heirlooms, gold is always a good investment on or off the runway.