Why Gold Coins Aren’t Moving

You can always empty that jar of change on the counter and add it up. Nickels, dimes and other minted coins have a value that isn’t going to go away – it’s stamped on the metal. Gold coins, however, are in a constant state of flux. What they’re worth today and what they’re worth tomorrow could be two wildly different numbers. This is one of the reasons why gold coins aren’t moving as well as other forms of gold.

The Price of Gold

Price of Gold

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Gold is weighed by the ounce; one ounce of gold is worth x amount of cash dollars. That worth is determined by a number of factors. How much gold is in the world? Which countries need gold because they’re running low? How long does it take to mine the gold? All of this is used to determine the price of gold, and it’s a price that changes every single day depending on the rest of the world market.

What’s Wrong with Gold Coins?

Gold Coins

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Gold is commonly turned into coins because coins are easy to trade. Coins are small, transportable, and instantly recognizable. However, they’re also a bit of a gamble. The price of gold coins fluctuates often. Currently, United States American Eagle gold coins are at their lowest value since 2007. Experts predict that the price of gold coins will continue to fall in the last quarter of the year, which means it may not climb again until the New Year.

Falling prices on gold coins reflect the larger economic problems being felt worldwide. Even the fear of a bad economy can affect the price of gold coins and make people less likely to trade. When fewer people are trading in gold coins, fewer investors buy them, and the price of the coins begins to lower. Traditionally, American Eagle gold coins are at their highest prices at the beginning of the year. At the end of the year, many buyers consider them to be a bad investment because values become so low.

Politics and elections greatly affect gold coin prices. When people feel political uncertainty, they do less buying and selling, and the gold market suffers overall. It’s an election year in the United States, and this is one of the reasons why gold coins aren’t moving.

Gold Bullion

Gold Bullion

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Gold bullion sounds like a colorful cube you might throw in a stew pot for dinner, but it’s actually one of the world’s most popular commodities. Gold bullion is gold that has not been melted and stamped into coins. It’s common to find gold bullion in bar form, because bars as so easy to store and transport. Gold bars always have a value, and you need only weigh it to find out what that value is.

The value of gold bullion is determined by weight. Bigger bars don’t always mean more money; the weight of gold varies depending upon purity. Hold two similar pieces of jewelry in your hand and you can feel the difference; 14k gold weighs less than pure 24k gold.

Gold bars aren’t necessarily minted by a specific country, like gold coins, and they’re less affected by politics and headlines. Gold bullion has value anywhere and everywhere in the world, and can always be traded. The worth of gold bullion is determined by the worth of gold itself, while coins are affected strongly by financial and political turmoil in their country of origin.

How to Invest for Your Child’s Future

Yes, your child might be able to get a scholarship and work his way through college, but wouldn’t it be a whole lot easier if you could help out? Even parents with limited incomes can help their kids. It just takes some planning from the beginning and knowing how to invest. Take a look at some ways you can invest in your child’s future.

Open a Savings Account

Savings Account

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The most common way you can invest money for your child is through a standard savings account. You can set it up to automatically withdraw a certain amount of money from your personal account each month. For instance, if you contribute $50 per month to your child’s account, he will have $10,800 by the time he turns 18. The more you contribute each month, the more money your child will have when he is old enough to go to college. Every little bit helps, so this is a good way to invest even if it is only $10 per month.

Switch to a Money Market Account

Money Market Account

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Money market accounts are better than standard savings accounts because they have a higher interest rate. The catch is that you have to maintain a minimum balance in order to open one. This means you’ll have to start with a standard savings account and switch over to a money market once the balance is high enough. $5,000 is typically the amount needed to open a money market account, but the rules are different at every banking institution.

Consider Gold Investment

Gold Investment

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Just like money, gold also fluctuates in value–though it tends to rise more than money does. This means you can purchase gold as an investment and watch the value increase. Gold is one commodity that has continued to rise in value throughout history. It is still a fairly safe investment today. One great thing about gold is that you have something tangible that can’t be destroyed overnight by the stock market or a banking breach.

Open Mutual Funds or Bonds

Mutual Funds

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These are typically known as the safest investments because the likelihood of losing money is far lower than in the stock market. However, there are a lot of rules and stipulations placed on mutual funds and bonds that prevent you from withdrawing money whenever you want. The mutual funds and bonds usually have to mature before you can get to the money. Keep this in mind when investing for your child’s future because you want to make sure the money will be available when you need it. Also remember that the bonds that take longer to mature usually have better interest rates.

Play the Stock Market

Stock Market

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One of the fastest ways to make money is through trading stocks — it is also the fastest way to lose money. If you are willing to take the risk, find a stock broker to help you out, especially when you are new to this type of investment. The stock broker will be able to lead you toward smart stocks that are more likely to pay off.

Even if you only make a little extra money each month, you should invest it for your child’s future. All parents want to see their child get through school and be successful, and you can make this easier by providing money upfront to get your child started. Pick the method that fits your goals the best and get started today. Do you have any other ideas for investing in your child’s future?

Surprising Gold Laws Around the Nation: An Investor’s Guide

There are surprising, some might even say nonsensical, laws in every part of the United States. In Owensboro, Kentucky, a wife must get her husband’s permission before buying a hat, according to city law. Surprising gold laws around the nation aren’t always as funny.

Weird Federal Gold Laws

Federal Gold Laws

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The federal government has been regulating gold and trading in gold for a long, long time. The U.S. Treasury Department has been making coins and bills to serve as currency since the 1700s. The United States has been minting gold coins for just as long. Today, gold coins have a changing value that depends on weight and certain global economic factors.

The worth of gold coins is also determined by certain federal gold laws, some of them rather surprising. American Eagle gold coins were first minted in 1986 and approved through Congress the year before. These gold coins are traded around the world, but they’re strictly USA-made. That’s the law.

The American Eagle gold coin is bound by federal law. It may only be minted in 22-karat gold, and only from newly-mined sources within the boundaries of the United States. Because American Eagle coins can only be made from American gold, the Treasury Department is limited in how many coins they can create. Also by law, silver and copper are added to American Eagle gold coins to prevent scratching and improve overall durability. This means that the coins themselves aren’t comprised solely of pure gold, and some find all these laws and regulations surrounding American gold coins to be very surprising.

Surprising State Laws Regarding Gold

State Gold Laws

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Thanks to the U.S. Constitution, every state has the right to govern itself…but that doesn’t mean they always come up with the most reasonable laws. There are surprising laws regarding gold in several states around the nation. If you don’t know the laws, you’re in danger of violating them!

  • California: Selling a gold piece that doesn’t contain tooth marks is an illegal forgery.
  • New Jersey: Purchasing gold is regulated in New Jersey, where pawnbrokers and jewelers commonly deal in the metal. Many different laws are in place to protect the seller against buyers to make sure that they receive their money’s worth for gold items. One law states that gold buyers must publicly post the prices they pay for precious metals.
  • Utah: Gold and silver coins are legal tender statewide. Thanks to a new law signed in October 2012, it’s legal to pay state taxes in gold and silver coins. Because of the law, no capital gains or state taxes will be levied during coin exchanges. Federal taxes, however, do still apply.
  • Washington: It’s legal to prospect for gold in Washington State. Get the Gold and Fish booklet from the state Department of Fish and Wildlife to get all the rules and regulations of gold mining in Washington.

Gold investors have to know all the laws regarding their commodity, because breaking a law could result in having gold confiscated by the government. If you’re dealing in gold, know what you’re dealing with backwards and forwards – in every state where you plan to buy, sell or trade.

7 Movies With Gold-Obsessed Characters

Gone are the days of pirates setting out on dangerous voyages in search of hidden treasure and cargo carriers hauling loads of valuable commodities. Today, we live out our fantasies of discovering long-lost treasures on the big screen through the eyes of our favorite heroes and heroines.

The Goonies Find One-Eyed Willie’s Long-Lost Treasure and Save Their Homes

The Goonies

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This Stephen Spielberg film was released in 1985. The story follows a group of teens who discover a lost treasure map and set out in pursuit of the riches, despite facing danger along the way.

Nicolas Cage Fulfills the Family Legacy in National Treasure

National Treasure

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Benjamin Franklin Gates, portrayed by Nicolas Cage, embarks on a quest to discover the greatest treasure in history. He must run from the FBI and out-smart his nemesis along the way, all while finding time to earn the affections of the beautiful Ms. Abigail Chase.

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre Proves the Destructive Power of Greed

Sierra Madre

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This 1948 film is adapted from B. Traven’s 1927 novel, bearing the same name. Two Americans down on their luck meet up with a gold prospector and set out for the Sierra Madre mountains in search of gold. Dobbs, portrayed by Humphrey Bogart, is the one to uncover gold but soon finds himself engulfed with greed and distrust of his partners.

Trespass: A Failed Update to The Treasure of Sierra Madre


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Trespass debuted in 1992, starring Ice Cube, Ice-T, Bill Paxton and William Sadler. Two firemen (Paxton and Sadler) decide to pursue a hidden treasure in an abandoned building after being given a map by an elderly man who dies in a fire they were attempting to diffuse.

Three Kings Puts a Modern Twist on Treasure Hunting

Three Kings

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Three Kings, released in 1999 and set in the post-Persian Gulf War era, commencing just as the war ends and U.S. troops are wrapping up unfinished business. George Clooney portrays Major Archie Gates, who convinces his fellow troops to search for gold bullion stolen from Kuwait, believed to be hidden in Saddam Hussein’s bunkers.

DuckTales Brings Our Favorite Animated Characters to the Big Screen in Search of Gold


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Enough with the seriousness! DuckTales brings the fun back to treasure hunting with the animated Walt Disney Pictures film, released in 1990. Scrooge McDuck and his loyal grand-nephews, Huey, Dewey and Louie, embark on a voyage to obtain the Treasure of Collie Baba.

Gold Diggers: The Secret of Bear Mountain Engages the Teen Crowd Once Again

Gold Diggers

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The 1995 film Gold Diggers: The Secret of Bear Mountain, starring Anna Chlumsky and Christina Ricci, covers the journey of two troubled young girls who decide to explore the caves under Bear Mountain in search of hidden gold. What they find is far more valuable: Friendship.

These seven films are just a few among the vast collection of movies dedicated to fulfilling our wildest dreams and fantasies of discovering long-lost treasure. Modern adaptations of age-old stories tend to have the most box-office success, especially when driven with strong lead actors, such as Nicolas Cage and George Clooney, or those created by masterminds among the likes of Stephen Spielberg.

How Female Entrepreneurs Can Out-Grow Males by 2014

Women are Jills-of-all-trades and masters of every one of them, which is why so many female investors are making names for themselves as serious financial forces. They’re carving out their niches in the fickle world of finance to the point where, with growing portfolios and smart investments, female entrepreneurs are on-track to outgrow the guys by 2014. The secret behind their success may come as a surprise: diamonds are yesterday’s news and gold has stepped up as a woman’s new BFF.

All That Glitters is Gold

All That Glitters is Gold

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In spite of a few ups and downs around 2008, gold is now hitting a high point. It represents one of the most stable investments because it is always worth something. Financial experts, investors, entrepreneurs, banks and other financial institutions estimate that in just a few years the value of gold will increase to nearly $2,500 an ounce. Whereas various stocks are always at the whim of an unsteady market, gold is solid—especially when you’re actually investing in solid gold. That’s the important thing to remember when considering how gold benefits female investors and entrepreneurs in particular.

Setting up a Solid Gold Portfolio

Solid Gold Portfolio

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In 2001, an ounce of gold was worth around $260; in 2011, it was nearly $2,000 per ounce, and its potential continues to grow for very simple reasons. Gold is tangible. You can easily touch it, see it, smell it, even taste it if you want. Gold isn’t as transitory as other currencies. Women who choose to base their portfolios around gold are investing in something that won’t disappear or become worthless. There are industries that pay a premium for gold. This means that the woman who chooses to think outside the piggy bank and invest in gold has all the capital and leverage she needs for any entrepreneurial venture.

Turning Style into Security

Security Gold

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It sounds a little trite, but the fact of the matter is that women know jewelry. They know when a necklace, ring or bracelet has a valuable setting. They know when a piece of jewelry is really worth something—and yes, many women begin investing in gold through jewelry. That knowledge is far-reaching, however. From there, many female entrepreneurs diversify their gold portfolios by researching all the different types of gold available to them.

They begin purchasing gold bars and coins as well as jewelry. They go online and learn about trading gold. They set up gold IRAs to protect their current investments while buying even more. The really amazing thing about women investors and entrepreneurs who opt for the golden path is the way they come together, work together, and grow together. This sense of sisterhood and teamwork is undoubtedly one of the main reasons why they’re set to outgrow their male counterparts by the time gold reaches its stellar price in 2014.

Merging Sisterhood and Success

Gold Success

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There are myriad companies founded by women, for women; many of them began with just a bit of gold. Women with an entrepreneurial spirit banded together, pooled their resources, and just like that, they started their own portfolios. A little jewelry, some gold coins, some brilliant trades, and suddenly they’re financial geniuses. They have money, revenue, security, and the knowledge to help other women who want to become entrepreneurs, too.

So many people eschew the idea of investing in solid gold. Because of the risks they take and their keen insights into the future of their investments, more female entrepreneurs strengthen their portfolios to the point where they’ve become the queens of the financial world.