Making Wise Gold Investments by Avoiding Coins

Most investors advise that you have a portion of your portfolio in gold. This is because the price of gold has been rising for decades, making it one of the safest investments. It’s also expected that gold prices will skyrocket in the coming years because of the shortage around the world. Take a look at the reasons why gold is a good investment and how you can be the most successful trading this commodity.

Make Gold Part of Your Investment Portfolio

Gold Investment Portfolio

Image via Flickr by Bank of England

It’s never a good idea to invest all of your resources in one thing especially a physical commodity. However, you definitely should have a portion of your investment portfolio in gold. If there comes a point in history when the U.S. dollar no longer has any value, you’ll be glad you invested in gold because you’ll still be able to get the things you need to live. And, with the shaky economy, nobody can be certain about the future of the U.S. dollar.

There are a couple different ways to invest in gold. You can purchase gold bullion bars, invest in gold futures, or buy gold coins and jewelry. The best method is gold bullion bars, but gold futures, coins, and jewelry, are easier to store and acquire. You’ll have to choose the best method for you but don’t miss out on your opportunity to buy gold while it is still at an affordable rate. You’ll be grateful you made this sound investment even five or ten years from now.

Understanding Gold Futures

Gold Futures

Image via Flickr by ejorpin

If you don’t want to store gold as a physical commodity, you can buy gold futures. This is the second best way to invest in gold, but it can backfire because you are given a dollar value instead of a physical commodity. So, when you go to trade your gold futures, you might not get their true value. However, gold futures are a good option if you don’t have the space to store gold bullion bars and you don’t want to pay for a safe deposit box at your bank.

Avoid Investing in Gold Coins and Jewelry

Gold Coins

Image via Flickr by motoyen

Even though gold is a good investment, gold coins and jewelry aren’t the best choice. This is because the gold in gold coins and jewelry isn’t as pure as the gold in bullion bars. Plus, some people don’t want to buy gold coins and jewelry because they don’t want to melt them down. Additionally some gold coins have historical value that prevents them from being sold at their true gold value. You’re better off investing in gold bullion bars, if you can afford it. They are the easiest form of gold to trade because the value is easy to determine.

Add gold to your investment portfolio for some variety. You’ll be glad you made this decision if the U.S. dollar ever drops to an all-time low. Do you have any other advice for people looking to invest in gold?

Jewelry for Manly Men: A Guide to Wise Selections

Choosing jewelry for a manly man is a dangerous game. You have to know the man, or you risk choosing jewelry he will immediately take to the pawn shop for beer money.

Wedding Ring: Too Much, Too Little, or Just Right

Gold Wedding Ring

Image via Flickr by quinn.anya

Even manly men who don’t like jewelry start wearing rings when they get married. Picking out a wedding ring for a man, however, is just as complicated as picking one out for a woman.

Some men prefer a classic, thick gold band. It doesn’t say anything except “I’m married.” Others like rings that have something special about them. They might want a small diamond embedded in the band, or they might want a smaller band with an etched design. If you’ve never seen your man wear a ring before, you have no idea what he prefers. You’ll just have to ask.

Gold Chains: Easier Than You Might Think

Gold Chains

Image via Flickr by Charlie V. Antonio

With all the different types of gold chains made for men, you’d think picking one is difficult. But this is about as easy as it gets. Just ask yourself these questions:

  • Does he frequently leave the top three buttons on his shirt open? If so, he wants a long, thick chain. Preferably one that sparkles enough that people can see it through his chest hair.
  • Does he wear a turtle neck? If so, he wants a medium-length chain… Preferably braided or with a small pendant dangling from the bottom.
  • Does he often wear a suit where the pants, jacket, shirt, and tie are all the same color? If so, then he wants a two-tone necklace made of yellow and white gold.
  • Does he have any allergies or other medical concerns? If yes, then he wants a dog tag pendant with medical instructions engraved on it. Well, he might not want it, but that’s what he needs.

Pinky Rings: Joe Pesci Wore One

Gold Signet Ring

Image via Flickr by Instant Vantage

A pinky ring says something different than a wedding ring. Instead of “hey, I’m married over here,” it says “hey, I got some style over here.” It’s for men who enjoy nice suits and getting their hair cut every ten days on the day.

How do you know if your manly man will like a pinky ring? That’s easy. If he’s a Joe Pesci fan, he either secretly wants one or he tells you, daily, how awesome he would look with some bling on his smallest finger. If you’ve ever heard him say “forgetaboutit,” even as a joke, then he wants something with a little flash.

Bracelets: Go Simple or Go Away

Gold Bracelet

Image via Flickr by famrust

Even manly men who like a little flash in their wardrobe are suspicious of bracelets. He sees one and thinks “that’s a watch that doesn’t know how to tell time.”

Still, some of the manliest men like to show off with gold bracelets. As a general rule, you should find a simple design with some weight to it. If you go to thin, he’ll think it looks feminine.

Sometimes you have to get creative when buying jewelry for manly men. What strategies have you used? Have you ever misread him and bought something that he really didn’t like?


Feeling Creative? 5 Pieces of Golden Artwork From Around the World

Gold comes with a high price tag, but it is a favorite medium of many artists. In fact, gold has been used by artists through the years for works large and small. So, what are some of the most popular and most expensive gold art pieces from around the world?

Kate Moss in Gold

Golden Kate Moss

Image via Flickr by *Debs*

The British Museum unveiled a life-size gold statue of Kate Moss in 2008. The piece called Siren was created completely of 18 carat gold, and was displayed in a gallery with a variety of Greek goddess statues. It was called a modern-day Aphrodite, and is the largest statue created fully of gold since the days of the ancient Egyptians.

Artist: Marc Quinn

Price: It cost £1.5 million to make. The artist expected to make £10 million, however, it only brought in £577,000.

The Golden Buddha

Golden Buddha

Image via Flickr by Mahesh Telkar

If you want to see the world’s largest golden statue, you need to head to Chinatown, Thailand. The Phra Sukhothai Traimit, also known as the Golden Buddha, is about 10 feet tall and was created with 5.5 tons of gold. It is estimated that the Buddha statue was created sometime between the 13th and 15th century. The piece was not truly discovered for what it was until the 1950’s.

Artist: Unknown

Price: Depending on the year and the price of gold, this statue could be worth between $180 million and $350 million USD, just in gold alone. That doesn’t include the historical significance or anything else.

Reclining Buddha

Gold Statue

Image via Flickr by joestump

Many golden Buddha statues are out there, but another of the most famous pieces is in Bangkok. Known as the Reclining Buddha, this piece is said to have been made centuries before Thailand made Bangkok the capital. The Reclining Buddha is gold-plated, and is 46 meters long with a height of 15 meters. It is said to show Buddha passing into Nirvana.

Artist: Unknown

Price: Unknown

Johann Strauss Monument in Gold

Gold Monument

Image via Flickr by Harald Groven

If you head to Vienna, don’t pass up Stadtpark. Here you will be able to see the monument to Johann Strauss. Though the piece is not completely made of gold—it is bronze with gold plating—it truly something to behold. Music and art lovers have flocked to the park for decades to see the beautiful statue that was originally unveiled in 1921.

Artist: Edmund Hellmer

Price: Unknown

Golden Eagle for Charity

Golden Eagle

Image via Flickr by AlaskaNPS

Said to have a market value of about $6 million, the Golden Eagle statue commissioned by Ron Shore is a beautiful statue. The body of the eagle is gold, and the head is diamond encrusted. The statue even includes a large emerald. The piece was set for auction through Sotheby’s, with proceeds of the sale going to charity and breast cancer research.

Artist: Kevin Peters

Price: Market Value—About $6 million. It is still listed for sale at $5 million.

There are many beautiful pieces of art that are either solid gold or gold-plated. When you travel the world, you get to view these amazing wonders.

4 Ways Gold is Used for Medicinal Purposes

Unbeknownst to many of us, gold has many uses in medicine, and some might surprise even the most knowledgeable people. Gold has been part of medicine for millenia, going back 5,000 years when it was first used to revitalize the body by the Egyptians. In those times, people thought gold had special powers. In medieval times, it found use as a cure for arthritis. Today, we use gold in different ways from detecting to curing the most deadly diseases.

Gold Radiates a Cure for Cancer

Medicinal Gold

Image Courtesy of Dave Bezaire & Susi Havens-Bezaire via Flickr

Gold treats some types of cancer like ovarian and prostate cancer. Doctors inject radioactive gold particles into areas with cancerous growths and the radiation helps fight the cancer over time. Gold has many qualities which make it suitable for this treatment. Since gold is very inert, it is safe to inject it into the body and it will not degrade.

Other properties make gold an exceptional choice. Studies found gold cancer treatments extend life and reduce pain and physical wasting often associated with cancer. Gold is usually a last resort, and used only to treat inoperable cancers using current surgical techniques. Gold lasers will kill cancers without causing damage to neighboring cell tissue.

The Gold Diagnosis: Positive

Gold Diagnostics

Image Courtesy of stevendepolo via Flickr

Gold is also used to diagnose a range of diseases and viruses. It is prepared in a solution called Colloidal Gold and radiated. Doctors then inject it into the body. The radioactive gold emits beta particles as it moves through the subject. By tracking the emissions, doctors can diagnose conditions such as syphilis and influenza.

A Magic Pill Made of Gold

Golden Pill

Image Courtesy of Bill David Brooks via Flickr

Starting in the early 1900’s, Colloidal Gold treated alcoholism. In modern times it can stop addiction to cigarettes, alcohol and even caffeine. But there are many more uses that make it a true golden solution. As far back as the late 1800’s and right up until today, gold is used to relieve arthritis pain in joints and muscles. It also helps by increasing blood circulation and can solve heart problems.

Gold has a balancing effect in the body that Europeans have long relied on. They often take gold in pill form and have been doing so for over a century. Gold helps to re-balance certain parts of the body like the digestive track and even the brain. It can also help reduce hot flashes or chills by regulating the body’s core temperature.

Gold Takes a Surgical Approach in Medicine

Surgical Gold

Image Courtesy of Army Medicine via Flickr

Gold is also used during surgery to seal blood vessels, nerve endings and arteries. Since it is so malleable and stable, it makes the perfect metal for a quick suture. Doctors also use it to mend bones. Many surgeon’s tools are made of gold like forceps, surgical knives and other tools used during surgery everyday.

As you can see, gold has several uses in the medical field. From curing cancers to rejuvenating bodily functions, it is an extraordinary metal.

4 Weird Places the Average Joe Might Find Gold Without Going Mining

If you are an average person looking for a golden opportunity, listen up. There is a wealth of gold out there just waiting to be mined, and you don’t need any special tools or a hard hat. One of Earth’s most precious and valuable metals, gold seems to show up in the oddest places. You’ll find it for sale sometimes for half of its real value by people who don’t know what they have. Like all types of mining, you just need to know where to look.

Estate Sales are Like Mini Gold Mines

Estate Sale Gold

Image via Flickr by Candie_N (Welcome Spring)

Usually, visions of boring auctions for tired old paintings come to mind when you think of an estate sale. However, you can find lots of different types of gold here in the strangest forms. The most lucrative source is often broken, tarnished or old jewelry. To the untrained eye, a snapped necklace chain or bent bracelet is nearly worthless, but if it is gold, it is worth money. You’ll also find it coating plaques, tableware, plates, and even old picture frames.

Open a World of Golden Opportunity

Golden Books

Image via Flickr by GlasgowAmateur

You won’t find much without knowing how to read, but did you know you can find real gold right on the pages of a book? Gold leaf covers the edges of old, antique books. Gold is very malleable and soft, so it is used to create stamps inside of books or on the cover as a decoration. Check antique stores, or old book dealers. You might get a really good deal on a dusty, mold-gathering, turn-of-the-century book with real gold leaf.

Joining the Electronic Gold Rush

Electronic Gold Rush

Image via Flickr by compujeramey

Since gold has excellent conductivity, it is inside of many electronics we use everyday like your cell phone, tablet PC, or desktop computer. Expensive HDMI cables also contain gold on the tips of the connectors. It takes a great deal of effort to get the gold out of a phone or a computer, but if you are familiar with gold extraction processes, you can make a go of it.

Reaching for Excellence

Gold Medals

Image Via Flickr by zieak

You might find gold on a high school athletic medal, or the stamp on a prestigious paper award, degree, or certificate. These are often made from gold pressed paper-thin. A trophy may also contain gold leaf, gold plating or even a solid gold head. You might find these items at yard sales, curio shops, thrift stores, or even in your parent’s attic. Be creative and look around.

If you cannot find any gold in the attic, check outside. Gold is also used in roofing materials. You might check dumps, or even abandoned construction sites for traces of the precious metal. You’ll also find it on picture frames, and even in some liquor bottles.

Gold is bound to show up in very odd places because it has always been so useful and valuable and therefore recycled. So, never doubt that you or anyone else can find it in the weirdest places.