How to Begin Buying Gold

As the worldwide economy teeters, there is one sure investment that has remained valuable for thousands of years – gold. Coveted for its inherent beauty, gold also has irreplaceable value in manufacturing electronics. Though the currency value may fluctuate, there is no way to create more gold, so its value continues to rise. If you’re interested in this rock-solid investment opportunity, here are some ways to get involved.

Begin Buying Gold

Image Courtesy of knitsteel via Flickr

1. Start With People You Know

In order to get a good start, make sure you’ve gotten all the available gold that’s right at your fingertips. Talk to friends, family members, neighbors and coworkers that might be interested in selling their gold. Usually, word spreads quickly that you’re offering cash for gold. almost everyone has gold jewelry around the house that hasn’t been used in years.

2. Begin Placing Ads

After you’ve gotten the hang of pricing and buying gold, it’s time to take it to the next level. Newspapers, trade publications and online classifieds are all good places to advertise that you’re buying gold.

3. Monitor Online Auctions

Online auctions are great places to find gold for less than the market value. However, when purchasing gold from auctions, make sure you figure the taxes that apply and any shipping costs to ensure you’re still getting a good price.

4. Take Proper Security Precautions

Always keep your gold in a safe place – preferably a commercial grade safe. When meeting gold sellers, especially those found on the Internet, take extreme cautions to meet in a well-lit area and bring only enough cash to purchase the gold. Never meet someone you don’t know alone, and always meet them in a neutral location away from your home or work.

Taking the right steps and using common sense can help you turn gold buying into a sound investment in a secure future.