Calculating the Price of Gold Items

When buying or selling gold, it’s important to be able to calculate the current value of the gold. Buyers want to make sure they’re getting a fair trade, and sellers want the best possible price. Bear in mind that gold coins have an intrinsic value higher than any other type of gold, such as gold jewelry.

Calculating Gold Price

Image Courtesy of Lawrence OP via Flickr

1. Find Out How Many Karats the Gold Is

Many times, the gold is stamped with the karats, and this is helpful. If this isn’t clearly market on your gold item, perform a home gold purity test to determine the purity of the gold. These tests consist of a touch stone, gold test needles and testing solution.

2. Weigh the Gold in Grams

Use a scale that measures in grams or convert the weight in ounces to grams. Gold prices are reported in price per troy ounce, which is not the same thing as English ounces. Find out how many grams of gold you have and work from there.

3. Find the Current Price of Gold

The price of gold fluctuates constantly, and the price today is not the same as yesterday. Also, the price of gold this morning may not be the same as it is this evening. You can find the most up-to-date gold prices on the Internet or wherever stock prices are reported, such as news channels or the newspaper.

4. Calculate the Price of Your Gold

Divide the most current price of gold by 31.1. Divide the karats of the gold by 24. Multiply this number by the current price of gold. Then, multiply the price of gold per gram by the weight of your gold in grams.

With this information, you can always make sure you’re buying and selling gold at a fair and reasonable price for both buyer and seller.