Gold Online

Gold and the Internet

Since the advent of the Internet, it has become a lot easier to buy and sell gold.  Whether you are a major mint company or a small private consumer of jewelery, access to physical gold is yours one mouse click away.

Problems with Online Gold

With vast access to gold markets online there also comes enormous risk. What if your seller is not reliable? What if the company is some fly-by-night crookster masquerading as a legitimate seller of gold?

The Need for a Blog on Gold

This means you need honest, alert and knowedgeable blogs and sites to inform you how to pick and choose your buyers or sellers and how to avoid sleazy, sketchy fraudsters.

Enter The Gold Video Blog

Our blog aims to gather as many news and information items on gold as possible. We will provide useful tips on how to buy and sell gold online, how to make a profit, how to detect relaible partners and how to smell fraudsters.
Further, we will keep you updated on new developments related to Federal and State laws on online gold purchases and new regulations which might impact your decisions.

Jewelry for Manly Men: A Guide to Wise Selections

Choosing jewelry for a manly man is a dangerous game. You have to know the man, or you risk choosing jewelry he will immediately take to the pawn shop for beer money.

Wedding Ring: Too Much, Too Little, or Just Right

Gold Wedding Ring

Image via Flickr by quinn.anya

Even manly men who don’t like jewelry start wearing rings when they get married. Picking out a wedding ring for a man, however, is just as complicated as picking one out for a woman.

Some men prefer a classic, thick gold band. It doesn’t say anything except “I’m married.” Others like rings that have something special about them. They might want a small diamond embedded in the band, or they might want a smaller band with an etched design. If you’ve never seen your man wear a ring before, you have no idea what he prefers. You’ll just have to ask.

Gold Chains: Easier Than You Might Think

Gold Chains

Image via Flickr by Charlie V. Antonio

With all the different types of gold chains made for men, you’d think picking one is difficult. But this is about as easy as it gets. Just ask yourself these questions:

  • Does he frequently leave the top three buttons on his shirt open? If so, he wants a long, thick chain. Preferably one that sparkles enough that people can see it through his chest hair.
  • Does he wear a turtle neck? If so, he wants a medium-length chain… Preferably braided or with a small pendant dangling from the bottom.
  • Does he often wear a suit where the pants, jacket, shirt, and tie are all the same color? If so, then he wants a two-tone necklace made of yellow and white gold.
  • Does he have any allergies or other medical concerns? If yes, then he wants a dog tag pendant with medical instructions engraved on it. Well, he might not want it, but that’s what he needs.

Pinky Rings: Joe Pesci Wore One

Gold Signet Ring

Image via Flickr by Instant Vantage

A pinky ring says something different than a wedding ring. Instead of “hey, I’m married over here,” it says “hey, I got some style over here.” It’s for men who enjoy nice suits and getting their hair cut every ten days on the day.

How do you know if your manly man will like a pinky ring? That’s easy. If he’s a Joe Pesci fan, he either secretly wants one or he tells you, daily, how awesome he would look with some bling on his smallest finger. If you’ve ever heard him say “forgetaboutit,” even as a joke, then he wants something with a little flash.

Bracelets: Go Simple or Go Away

Gold Bracelet

Image via Flickr by famrust

Even manly men who like a little flash in their wardrobe are suspicious of bracelets. He sees one and thinks “that’s a watch that doesn’t know how to tell time.”

Still, some of the manliest men like to show off with gold bracelets. As a general rule, you should find a simple design with some weight to it. If you go to thin, he’ll think it looks feminine.

Sometimes you have to get creative when buying jewelry for manly men. What strategies have you used? Have you ever misread him and bought something that he really didn’t like?


5 Tips for Buying Gold Online

Looking to invest in gold and prefer buying online? Smart thinking, because it can be difficult to find enough gold locally to build a solid portfolio. Experts encourage investors to accumulate 10-20 percent of their net worth in gold due to the terrifying state of the world’s economy.

Some experts predict that an economic collapse could send the price of gold as high as $10,000 per ounce. This means even a meager quantity of gold could be lifesaving if global affairs continue to deteriorate. Here are a few tips for making sound gold investments online.

Tip #1 – Set Up a Website

Gold Buying Website

Image Courtesy of anantal via Flickr

What do people look for when deciding to do business with you? Your professionalism will set you apart. Get a well-designed website and fill it with information that will set customers’ minds at ease in dealing with you. Make sure the writing is free of grammar and spelling errors and looks like a reputable place to do business. The website will serve as your portal where customers can contact you.

Tip #2 – Start With Jewelry and Bullion

Gold Jewelry

Image Courtesy of mararie via Flickr

Some beginning investors think only of gold coins, but there is a lot of potential in bullion and jewelry that gets overlooked. Online auctions are a great way to find these pieces. Craigslist is another resource. Craft well-written ads stressing the benefits of selling gold and how much money customers can make. Reference your website in the ad to look like an established business.

Tip #3 – Calculate Your Minimum Investment

Calculate Gold Investment

Image Courtesy of stuartpilbrow via Flickr

A good starting point is $1,000. Less than this really isn’t worth your while and more is risky if you don’t have enough cash on hand. Build at a reasonable pace, growing your gold investments without sacrificing your financial status. Many gold buyers are able to accumulate substantial gold holdings for just a few hundred dollars at a time.

Tip #4 – Get Gold Testing Equipment

Gold Testing Equipment

Image Courtesy of the justified sinner via Flickr

Before buying gold, you’ve got to know that the gold is real and how pure it is. Gold testing supplies aren’t very expensive, and are far less costly than paying full price for fake gold. Learn to use your testing equipment before making any transactions. Start by testing the gold in your own jewelry box and pieces from friends and family until you get the hang of it.

Tip #5 – Be Willing to Travel

Travel to Buy Gold

Image Courtesy of CountyLemonade via Flickr

When buying gold online, it’s impossible to test the gold and price it properly over the Internet. If you find someone online that you’re willing to do business with but isn’t comfortable with online transactions, you’ll need to meet with them to test the gold and make an offer. Make sure the expenses of the trip are worth the amount of gold you’ll be getting, and make an offer that helps compensate you for your fuel costs and other expenses.

Making All These Gold Buying Tips Work for You

Gold Buying Tips

Image Courtesy of mynameisharsha via Flickr

The bottom line in gold buying is to buy at the lowest price possible. Since so many people in this economy are struggling, it’s easy to find people with gold they’d love to turn into cash. Some gold buyers keep all of the gold, some resell the gold at a profit and others send it to a refinery. Decide whether you’ll hang onto most of the gold you buy or turn it over for a huge profit. The potential is endless.