Investing in Gold

For investors looking to hedge against the dollar and the stock market, gold is an ideal investment. There are several different ways to invest in gold such as mutual funds, gold mining stock, and the direct ownership of the metal. Below are two of the most common venues for gold investment.

Own Gold Directly

Owning gold directly is a long-term investment. That's because lengthy periods of time may pass before gold value rises. While the dollar is often influenced by federal policy, the value of gold rises based on supply and demand. Direct ownership of gold is a solid way to balance a portfolio against more volatile elements like the dollar and stock market.

Purchase Gold Futures

The more experienced investor may choose to speculate on the price of gold. There are several ways to go about predicting the future of gold prices. When buying a call, the investor is locked in at a set price and only makes money when gold prices rise. Buying a put is the opposite, where the investor makes money on the decline of gold prices.

Those who are new to gold investments are wise to own gold directly while more experienced investors may wish to speculate. Either way, gold is great for portfolio balance.

Making Wise Gold Investments by Avoiding Coins

Most investors advise that you have a portion of your portfolio in gold. This is because the price of gold has been rising for decades, making it one of the safest investments. It’s also expected that gold prices will skyrocket in the coming years because of the shortage around the world. Take a look at the reasons why gold is a good investment and how you can be the most successful trading this commodity.

Make Gold Part of Your Investment Portfolio

Gold Investment Portfolio

Image via Flickr by Bank of England

It’s never a good idea to invest all of your resources in one thing especially a physical commodity. However, you definitely should have a portion of your investment portfolio in gold. If there comes a point in history when the U.S. dollar no longer has any value, you’ll be glad you invested in gold because you’ll still be able to get the things you need to live. And, with the shaky economy, nobody can be certain about the future of the U.S. dollar.

There are a couple different ways to invest in gold. You can purchase gold bullion bars, invest in gold futures, or buy gold coins and jewelry. The best method is gold bullion bars, but gold futures, coins, and jewelry, are easier to store and acquire. You’ll have to choose the best method for you but don’t miss out on your opportunity to buy gold while it is still at an affordable rate. You’ll be grateful you made this sound investment even five or ten years from now.

Understanding Gold Futures

Gold Futures

Image via Flickr by ejorpin

If you don’t want to store gold as a physical commodity, you can buy gold futures. This is the second best way to invest in gold, but it can backfire because you are given a dollar value instead of a physical commodity. So, when you go to trade your gold futures, you might not get their true value. However, gold futures are a good option if you don’t have the space to store gold bullion bars and you don’t want to pay for a safe deposit box at your bank.

Avoid Investing in Gold Coins and Jewelry

Gold Coins

Image via Flickr by motoyen

Even though gold is a good investment, gold coins and jewelry aren’t the best choice. This is because the gold in gold coins and jewelry isn’t as pure as the gold in bullion bars. Plus, some people don’t want to buy gold coins and jewelry because they don’t want to melt them down. Additionally some gold coins have historical value that prevents them from being sold at their true gold value. You’re better off investing in gold bullion bars, if you can afford it. They are the easiest form of gold to trade because the value is easy to determine.

Add gold to your investment portfolio for some variety. You’ll be glad you made this decision if the U.S. dollar ever drops to an all-time low. Do you have any other advice for people looking to invest in gold?

4 Weird Places the Average Joe Might Find Gold Without Going Mining

If you are an average person looking for a golden opportunity, listen up. There is a wealth of gold out there just waiting to be mined, and you don’t need any special tools or a hard hat. One of Earth’s most precious and valuable metals, gold seems to show up in the oddest places. You’ll find it for sale sometimes for half of its real value by people who don’t know what they have. Like all types of mining, you just need to know where to look.

Estate Sales are Like Mini Gold Mines

Estate Sale Gold

Image via Flickr by Candie_N (Welcome Spring)

Usually, visions of boring auctions for tired old paintings come to mind when you think of an estate sale. However, you can find lots of different types of gold here in the strangest forms. The most lucrative source is often broken, tarnished or old jewelry. To the untrained eye, a snapped necklace chain or bent bracelet is nearly worthless, but if it is gold, it is worth money. You’ll also find it coating plaques, tableware, plates, and even old picture frames.

Open a World of Golden Opportunity

Golden Books

Image via Flickr by GlasgowAmateur

You won’t find much without knowing how to read, but did you know you can find real gold right on the pages of a book? Gold leaf covers the edges of old, antique books. Gold is very malleable and soft, so it is used to create stamps inside of books or on the cover as a decoration. Check antique stores, or old book dealers. You might get a really good deal on a dusty, mold-gathering, turn-of-the-century book with real gold leaf.

Joining the Electronic Gold Rush

Electronic Gold Rush

Image via Flickr by compujeramey

Since gold has excellent conductivity, it is inside of many electronics we use everyday like your cell phone, tablet PC, or desktop computer. Expensive HDMI cables also contain gold on the tips of the connectors. It takes a great deal of effort to get the gold out of a phone or a computer, but if you are familiar with gold extraction processes, you can make a go of it.

Reaching for Excellence

Gold Medals

Image Via Flickr by zieak

You might find gold on a high school athletic medal, or the stamp on a prestigious paper award, degree, or certificate. These are often made from gold pressed paper-thin. A trophy may also contain gold leaf, gold plating or even a solid gold head. You might find these items at yard sales, curio shops, thrift stores, or even in your parent’s attic. Be creative and look around.

If you cannot find any gold in the attic, check outside. Gold is also used in roofing materials. You might check dumps, or even abandoned construction sites for traces of the precious metal. You’ll also find it on picture frames, and even in some liquor bottles.

Gold is bound to show up in very odd places because it has always been so useful and valuable and therefore recycled. So, never doubt that you or anyone else can find it in the weirdest places.

Trendy Rose Gold or Classic Yellow? How to Choose a Color for a Partner

Choosing jewelry for someone other than yourself can be a tricky thing. Not only do you need to make sure you get a style they will like, you need to make sure you get it in a metal they will love. Different people have different gold preferences, and with so many gold options today, it can get a little overwhelming.

Yellow Gold is Classic

Yellow Gold Jewelry

Image Courtesy of Somma via Flickr

Is your loved one a fan of antique styles and ancient history? If so, they will probably love classic yellow gold jewelry. There are many people who love the simple look of yellow gold, and there are a variety of jewelry styles that lend themselves to the metal.

  • Men generally prefer yellow gold necklaces over other gold colors.
  • Yellow gold is still the best option for a man’s wedding band.
  • A simple chain for a woman in yellow gold is a great gift option.
  • Women who prefer classic styles will prefer yellow gold jewelry.

Rose Gold is Modern

Modern Rose Gold

Image Courtesy of …love Maegan via Flickr

Today’s modern metal is rose gold. This pink colored gold is much more subtle than yellow gold. It looks great with a variety of clothing colors and styles, and comes in many different shades. Rose gold jewelry has come to be seen not only as a fashion trend, but also as a symbol of love.

  • You may see a young man wearing a rose gold watch, however, this is seen as a more feminine metal.
  • Young, hip brides choose rose gold over any other styles for their wedding bands.
  • Rose gold pairs well with any number of outfits, so is great for those who don’t want to wear a lot of jewelry at once.
  • Though there are a significant number of highly formal rose gold pieces, it is also seen as a casual metal, and can be worn almost anywhere.

White Gold is Classy

Classy White Gold

Image Courtesy of Gnilenkov Aleksey via Flickr

Where yellow gold is classic, white gold is classy. The difference is subtle, but intense. Many who wear white gold feel that yellow gold is an antiquated style and that it is garish. Those who want to stay up to the moment in the fashion world stick with white gold.

  • White gold is the wedding band material of choice for brides in their 30’s and older.
  • When selecting jewelry for a woman who is always one step ahead of fashion, select white gold.
  • Men in the business world frequently select white gold due to its reputation.

Combine the Three

Colored Gold

Image Courtesy of cobalt123 via Flickr

If you really want to get modern and fun, you can always combine the three most common gold styles—yellow, rose, and white. In fact, there are many jewelry pieces that combine them in beautiful ways to enhance the styling of each. This is a great way to go if you simply can’t decide what to get for your loved one.

Remember, the preferences above are generalizations. When getting jewelry for someone else, it is important to know what they like. You can ask them or someone else that may know, or you can make a note of the jewelry they already wear.

3 Creative Ways to Find Gold

Gold is perhaps the most precious metal on earth, and by far the most cherished among jewelry metals. However, it is not always treated as such. Some people nearly give it away at garage sales, yard sales and other events where a sell-it-now attitude persists. You can also find this metal in places you wouldn’t expect–even thrift stores. So, before you put on that gold miner’s hat and grab your pan, check out these unique and creative ways to find gold without a lot of work or expense.

Going the Extra Yard for Gold

Yard Sale Gold

Image Courtesy of usedtobelost via Flickr

Yard sales and garage sales are like downsized gold mines you don’t have to dig too far to find. You may have to sift through dozens of items before you lay your hands on that elusive gold, but it won’t be as hard as chiseling through solid stone, and you’ll never have to lift an axe. All you have to do is resell the gold to a gold buyer, who will offer a price minus a small fee or commission, or direct to a refinery that accepts raw gold from sellers. Simply check your yellow pages or the Internet for dealers.

Some people simply don’t account for the value of gold at a yard sale. You may find it in some very strange places. Look for gold spoons, gold candlesticks, and even gold picture frames. Other common gold items include gold thread (made with real gold and often overlooked), gold leaf paper, and even gold cooking utensils, plates or thimbles. These items might be sold off as invaluable, or even donated to a thrift store. So, check there as well!

The New Digital Goldmine

Digital Gold

Image Courtesy of sermoa via Flickr

It is possible to find gold in electronics, although it is a challenge. Gold is a very good conductor of electricity so it is the preferred metal for electrical connections in computer motherboards, cables and wires (like your HDMI cable) and even old televisions.

Now, it takes time, effort and energy to extract the gold, but if you are willing, you can do it. You first remove all the connectors using metal snips or a similar tool. Then, extract the gold by dissolving it in acid, chlorine bleach and water. Just be very careful, this process requires special preparation. So, if you are unsure, do not attempt it. Instead, go ahead and send it off to a refinery with your other gold finds.

A Golden Estate of Affairs

Gold Estate

Image Courtesy of PV KS via Flickr

Estate sales are another excellent way to find gold without a pick axe. Be on the look out for gold-lined china dishes, platters, utensils, spoons, forks and other housewares. Be on the look out for necklaces, earrings, and even bracelets. If jewelry items appear damaged or broken, sellers will often give you a deal. If you are shrewd enough, you can work out a deal with the estate sellers who often just want to sell everything quickly.

Other items include gold class rings, cuff links, trophies, and coins. You will also find many items appearing to hold little value except for their gold! Remember, objects like canes may have gold handles, and even jewelry boxes contain gold inlays, latches, or trim.

Gold is a popular metal and often turns up in the strangest places. These items will often sell for half the value of the gold they contain. If gold is going for $1500 an ounce, you don’t need a great big pile of it to make money.

What to Know Before Buying Colored Gold

Most people know there are at least a few different colors of gold. However, did you know that gold actually comes in at least 12 different shades? If you are going to purchase gold, especially if you want to then resell it for a profit, there are a few things you need to know about purchasing colored gold.

Yellow Gold

Yellow Gold

Image Courtesy of paparutzi via Flickr

Yellow gold comes in a variety of karats. The higher the karat rating on a piece, the more pure the alloy is. 24 karat gold is the purest that is available for jewelry and commercial use. It is also the most expensive. Yellow gold comes in other karats, such as 22 karat, 18 karat, 14 karat, and 10 karat. The karat rating is equivalent to how many parts of gold are in the alloy, up to 24.

Yellow gold has been the most common through history. When considering gold, most think of this traditional color. Because of that, it has a much stronger connotation as something of value for most. This color of gold is frequently mixed with silver, copper, and zinc to make the color right and the alloy stick. Finding jewelry, coins, and other pieces in yellow gold is much easier than some of the other colors.

Rose Gold

Rose Gold

Image Courtesy of …love Maegan via Flickr

Over the last few decades, rose gold has gained significant popularity. Today, it is used for many jewelry pieces, including wedding and engagement rings, as well as pendants. Rose gold is usually created as an 18 karat gold. The gold is mixed with copper and silver to achieve the pink color that is now highly prized.

Rose gold is used in many things other than jewelry as well. For example, many high-end flutes are either made of, or plated with, rose gold. This can be a great investment for those looking to purchase gold to then refine. A rose gold flute attained at a good price can yield a large profit.

White Gold

White Gold

Image Courtesy of Somma via Flickr

There are different levels of quality when it comes to white gold. Some white gold is created by mixing the gold with 25 percent palladium or platinum. This is generally the more expensive white gold. However, it can also be created with a mixture of palladium, zinc, and nickel. Many people who like the look of silver, but the prestige of gold will purchase white gold jewelry. However, they probably don’t know what elements it is mixed with.

When sending white gold to be refined, you may get more than you are bargaining for. It will depend on which alloy the metal was created with, however.

Purple Gold

Purple Gold

Image Courtesy of familymwr via Flickr

How often have you seen a piece of purple gold jewelry? Most likely, the answer is never. This alloy has proven to be difficult for many jewelry makers to perfect. The color is frequently splotchy, and many have found it to be extremely porous. Because of this, purple gold is difficult to come by, and may be very expensive to pick up. Purple gold is composed of 80 percent gold and 20 percent aluminum.

Gold jewelry is an important part of our culture. Because of this, there is a lot of it going around. All gold is worth refining, all you have to do is find it.