Important Facts About Gold

Things to Know About Gold

Gold is a popular metal that has hundreds of uses all around the globe. There are many things about it that most people do not know, and since it has become such a popular way to earn extra cash, it may be useful to learn more about it.

Important Gold Facts

Image Courtesy of Bank of England via Flickr

Soft and Extremely Pliable

Most people know that gold is one of the softest metals, but it is interesting to note that just one ounce could stretch up to 50 miles long, or become a flat sheet with an area of 100 square feet. Most gold that is used in daily life is actually an alloy with another type of metal, since pure gold could never hold a shape. Although it is so soft, it also is extremely dense, and this makes it difficult to move when in large quantities.

Where Gold Comes From Now

Another interesting fact about gold is that today, most does not come from mining or panning; instead individuals must sift through soil to find loose grains. Also, even though there are so many uses for gold, more than 70% of the world’s supply is used to make jewelry. India uses the most gold of any country, about 25%. In some high-end electronics, gold is used for wiring since it is very durable and resists corrosion, and can stretch very thin without breaking.

A Wide Range of Colors Available

Pure gold is yellow, but when combined with other metals, it can take on a wide range of beautiful colors. Some elect for a more traditional white gold for their jewelry, while others choose red, blue, green, pink, or other bright hues. Those who are more traditional might want yellow gold, but it will still most likely be an alloy to maintain the shape and hardness needed.