3 Creative Ways to Find Gold

Gold is perhaps the most precious metal on earth, and by far the most cherished among jewelry metals. However, it is not always treated as such. Some people nearly give it away at garage sales, yard sales and other events where a sell-it-now attitude persists. You can also find this metal in places you wouldn’t expect–even thrift stores. So, before you put on that gold miner’s hat and grab your pan, check out these unique and creative ways to find gold without a lot of work or expense.

Going the Extra Yard for Gold

Yard Sale Gold

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Yard sales and garage sales are like downsized gold mines you don’t have to dig too far to find. You may have to sift through dozens of items before you lay your hands on that elusive gold, but it won’t be as hard as chiseling through solid stone, and you’ll never have to lift an axe. All you have to do is resell the gold to a gold buyer, who will offer a price minus a small fee or commission, or direct to a refinery that accepts raw gold from sellers. Simply check your yellow pages or the Internet for dealers.

Some people simply don’t account for the value of gold at a yard sale. You may find it in some very strange places. Look for gold spoons, gold candlesticks, and even gold picture frames. Other common gold items include gold thread (made with real gold and often overlooked), gold leaf paper, and even gold cooking utensils, plates or thimbles. These items might be sold off as invaluable, or even donated to a thrift store. So, check there as well!

The New Digital Goldmine

Digital Gold

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It is possible to find gold in electronics, although it is a challenge. Gold is a very good conductor of electricity so it is the preferred metal for electrical connections in computer motherboards, cables and wires (like your HDMI cable) and even old televisions.

Now, it takes time, effort and energy to extract the gold, but if you are willing, you can do it. You first remove all the connectors using metal snips or a similar tool. Then, extract the gold by dissolving it in acid, chlorine bleach and water. Just be very careful, this process requires special preparation. So, if you are unsure, do not attempt it. Instead, go ahead and send it off to a refinery with your other gold finds.

A Golden Estate of Affairs

Gold Estate

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Estate sales are another excellent way to find gold without a pick axe. Be on the look out for gold-lined china dishes, platters, utensils, spoons, forks and other housewares. Be on the look out for necklaces, earrings, and even bracelets. If jewelry items appear damaged or broken, sellers will often give you a deal. If you are shrewd enough, you can work out a deal with the estate sellers who often just want to sell everything quickly.

Other items include gold class rings, cuff links, trophies, and coins. You will also find many items appearing to hold little value except for their gold! Remember, objects like canes may have gold handles, and even jewelry boxes contain gold inlays, latches, or trim.

Gold is a popular metal and often turns up in the strangest places. These items will often sell for half the value of the gold they contain. If gold is going for $1500 an ounce, you don’t need a great big pile of it to make money.

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