Finding Gold Deals

Do you think all the great opportunities to find super deals on gold are gone? They aren’t. There are tons of places to find gold for cheap, if you know where to look and what to look for. Check out these amazing places where real gold lurks unsuspected, and do your homework so you can easily identify these super deals.

Finding Gold Deals

Image Courtesy of youtube_user_willtrade4food via Flickr

Newspaper Classifieds

This is where you’ll often find people who have a lot of stuff, no time to sort through it and simply want to make it go away. Look for signs that the people are moving, have recently lost a loved one or just experienced a divorce. These people simply want to clean out and move on.

Second Hand Stores

Sometimes people cleaning out after a major life change don’t even have time to run a newspaper ad. They simply pack everything up and dump it off at the local thrift store or church rummage sale. Don’t waste much time on the items laid out on tables that everyone can see – look in bins underneath the tables and other out-of-the-way places where a gem might be lurking.

Estate Sales, Yard Sales and Moving Sales

Again, you’re in a situation where people have much more stuff to deal with than time to sort through it. Things to look for here include little-known purity marks used on jewelry or other items that indicate a high quality piece. Also carefully examine old kitchen utensils. Many of these items were made of precious metals before they became so expensive. Take your time, and look for boxes and bags in which items can be easily tossed and forgotten.

Take your time to learn what to look for and be patient in going through items. Time and effort pay of big in the long run.