What is the Gold Bull Market?

A Market for Zealots

You are unlikely to find anyone that participates in the gold bull market that isn’t enthusiastic. By its percise definition, a gold bull market is a term coined based on investors who jump in aggressively based on an anticipated rise in gold’s value. In this market, economic factors project an uprise in gold’s worth, leading to more attention on precious metals.

Gold Bull Market

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The Three Phases of a Gold Bull Market

Little mystery is involved when a gold bull market presents itself. Financial insiders and investors typically track the value of gold and spread information about its value. As this progresses, mainstream media outlets and financial publications spread the word, leading the average investor to jump aboard. As word spreads, a gold craze typically follows, with numerous vendors offering opportunities given to potential investors.

A Golden Future

Investors tend to flock to bull gold markets during times of economic crisis. This economic trend began most notably in the 1970s, when gold values reached $50 per ounce and skyrocketed to $500 per ounce by the end of the decade. With a healthy economy prevalent through much of the 90’s, gold experienced a downward trend. When the economy showed signs of a downturn in the 2000s, gold’s value once again reached values of $500 per ounce. By 2010, gold had reached a record high of approximately $1,400 per ounce.

With the nation swamped with debt and the economy not prime for a significant upturn, gold continues to provide an investment solution for those seeking stability. Gold bulls thrive in such an economy, as many stock up on the metal since its value soars.

Those who choose to invest in the metal should do so wisely. The flooded market brings out fakers, which leads to scams. A person should always do their research before investing heavily