4 Weird Places the Average Joe Might Find Gold Without Going Mining

If you are an average person looking for a golden opportunity, listen up. There is a wealth of gold out there just waiting to be mined, and you don’t need any special tools or a hard hat. One of Earth’s most precious and valuable metals, gold seems to show up in the oddest places. You’ll find it for sale sometimes for half of its real value by people who don’t know what they have. Like all types of mining, you just need to know where to look.

Estate Sales are Like Mini Gold Mines

Estate Sale Gold

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Usually, visions of boring auctions for tired old paintings come to mind when you think of an estate sale. However, you can find lots of different types of gold here in the strangest forms. The most lucrative source is often broken, tarnished or old jewelry. To the untrained eye, a snapped necklace chain or bent bracelet is nearly worthless, but if it is gold, it is worth money. You’ll also find it coating plaques, tableware, plates, and even old picture frames.

Open a World of Golden Opportunity

Golden Books

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You won’t find much without knowing how to read, but did you know you can find real gold right on the pages of a book? Gold leaf covers the edges of old, antique books. Gold is very malleable and soft, so it is used to create stamps inside of books or on the cover as a decoration. Check antique stores, or old book dealers. You might get a really good deal on a dusty, mold-gathering, turn-of-the-century book with real gold leaf.

Joining the Electronic Gold Rush

Electronic Gold Rush

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Since gold has excellent conductivity, it is inside of many electronics we use everyday like your cell phone, tablet PC, or desktop computer. Expensive HDMI cables also contain gold on the tips of the connectors. It takes a great deal of effort to get the gold out of a phone or a computer, but if you are familiar with gold extraction processes, you can make a go of it.

Reaching for Excellence

Gold Medals

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You might find gold on a high school athletic medal, or the stamp on a prestigious paper award, degree, or certificate. These are often made from gold pressed paper-thin. A trophy may also contain gold leaf, gold plating or even a solid gold head. You might find these items at yard sales, curio shops, thrift stores, or even in your parent’s attic. Be creative and look around.

If you cannot find any gold in the attic, check outside. Gold is also used in roofing materials. You might check dumps, or even abandoned construction sites for traces of the precious metal. You’ll also find it on picture frames, and even in some liquor bottles.

Gold is bound to show up in very odd places because it has always been so useful and valuable and therefore recycled. So, never doubt that you or anyone else can find it in the weirdest places.

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