5 Nations Where Gold Teeth Still Reign Supreme

Gold teeth caps have been around for a very long time, but they became part of American popular culture in the 1980’s when rapper Flavor Flav had gold caps put on his teeth.

Many cultures have been using gold teeth as status symbols for a very long time. While the tradition has faded in parts of the world, the idea of flashing a truly wealthy smile still exists for some people.

United States

United States Gold

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The gold teeth aficionados in the United States have taken the concept to new heights by including precious stones such as diamonds, and other precious metals. The slang term for a full set of gold teeth encrusted with gems is “grillz,” and it is a very popular part of hip hop culture.


Tajikistan Gold

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The Republic of Tajikistan shares a border with Afghanistan and was a republic of the Soviet Union. As with most Soviet republics, times were tough when the Soviet Union fell. One of the things that started to catch on once Tajikistan got its independence was open displays of wealth. As with the United States, gold teeth became a status symbol in Tajikistan and it has remained a status symbol to this day.


Bolivia Gold

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Bolivia is a country that has thousands of years of tradition and it is also a country where people love to show off their wealth. One of the status symbols that has developed over the years in Bolivia is gold teeth. In many parts of the country, the tradition also includes intricate designs on the teeth that represent either family history or some association to the region where the person lives.

Russian Federation

Russian Federation Gold

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In Russia, there is a mix of cultural influences that come from the different countries that both border the Russian Federation and make up the Russian Federation as well. One of the oldest Asian traditions that has influenced Russia and is still practiced today is wearing gold teeth. It is sometimes done as a status symbol, or it could be part of an old family tradition.


Mexico Gold

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Latin American countries have been flashing gold teeth for centuries, but few Latin American cultures have more prominent smiles that the Mayan descendents that live in Mexico. The ancient Mayans wore gold teeth as a sign of status or standing the community. In the modern world, the Mayan descendents wear gold teeth as a sign of their heritage.

The former Soviet Union broke off in to several little countries that are still wild about gold teeth. If you look around and other Latin American societies, you will find people who flash the gold incisors. Gold teeth are just catching on in the United States, but the idea has been around for a very long time.

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