Investing in Gold

Investors today are looking for answers outside the norm. Stock market instability, a tricky economy and questions about the value of the dollar is a head scratcher that makes most average investors want to run for cover. For many reasons, investors are turning to gold – which has thousands of years of proven track record for holding its value.

Investing in Gold

Image Courtesy of papalars via Flickr

What’s Driving Up the Price of Gold?

A number of factors are raising gold prices. First, almost everyone in the developed world has or wants gold. Whether it’s a wedding band or coins, it’s in incredibly high demand. And there are more people on planet earth to share the limited amount of gold we have. Combine these demands with the need for gold to produce electronics, and it’s easy to see why gold prices are skyrocketing.

How Can High Gold Prices Help My Financial Future?

Supply and demand drives prices, but a sound investment must be based on a demand that won’t dwindle over time. For instance, people who invested in Dot Coms had a rude awakening when the bottom fell out. Investing in something new is risky. Since people have sought after – and even fought wars over – gold for millenia, it’s a safe bet that the market is stable over the long haul.

How Does the Future of Gold Compare to Other Investment Opportunities?

There are two things which hold a limited supply and will always be in demand: real estate and gold. So, how does gold trump real estate? Real estate ownership has some obvious problems. It incurs property tax, is subject to factors outside our control – such as the development of land around the property or natural disasters. When gold is properly stored, it requires no effort other than keeping it safe and allowing it to accumulate value.

Smart investors are flocking to buy gold.