Selling Gold

With gold prices higher than ever before, now may be a great time to sell gold. Regardless if you’re selling gold jewelry or bullion which you’ve purchased as an investment, gold can certainly add some much  needed money to your wallet. Before you go charging off with your gold, however, there are a few things that you need to take into consideration.

Selling Gold

Image Courtesy of Wikimedia

Where to Sell

Carefully consider all your options when looking to sell gold. Perhaps you just have a few pieces of gold jewelry – the best choice may be your local gold buyer; many jewelry stores also buy back old gold jewelry. Or, perhaps you have a substantial amount of gold which would necessitate having a broker handle the transaction for you. Do your homework and consider carefully any offers that you are made for your gold.

Online or In Person

There are many online gold buying agencies that will ship you a container in which to send your gold and then they’ll evaluate the value of it and send you an offer. This option is convenient, but their commission for this service may be high. Finding a brick and mortar store or agency through which to sell your gold might give you more confidence in handing over your gold for a transaction.

Use Reputable Sources

Most companies offering to buy your gold are bona fide and can be trusted. It doesn’t hurt,  however, to do some checking before making a transaction. Check with your local Better Business Bureau or do a quick Internet check to make sure that the company with which you choose to do business, is reputable.

Choosing when to sell your gold is as important as how to sell it. Pay attention to the market to know the value of your gold, and then shop around for the best possible return on your investment.