How to Survive a Recession, Depression or Apocalypse

The Internet abounds with advice on food storage, accumulating weaponry and ammunition, keeping gold and silver for trading and other “how to’s” to face the possibility of severe recession, deep depression or a total apocalypse. But how you manage your preparations is as important as what preparations you make. Read on to learn how to manage the provisions you’re setting aside for yourself and your loved ones.

Prepare for Multiple Scenarios

Multiple Scenarios

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If we’ve learned anything from large-scale natural disasters, it is that people don’t tend to plan for more than one scenario. For example, people in the path of a hurricane may take measures against the winds and completely fail to plan for rising water, lightning strikes and other dangers.

What does this mean for those preparing for an economic collapse or complete breakdown of worldwide infrastructures? It means we have to think through different possibilities, and from multiple angles. This involves investing in gold, not government currency, in case the dollar devalues entirely.

Short-Term vs. Long-Term Plans

Long Term Plans

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When planning, it’s best to make some plans for immediate needs, but also incorporate long-term goals into your plans. Stockpiling food is a wonderful idea, and is encouraged by everyone from survivalists to emergency management authorities. But realistically, canned goods and dried foods are only going to carry you so far. Include seeds and other preparations that can support you and your loved ones year after year.

When purchasing seeds for survival purposes, it is critical to buy only non-hybrid seeds. Plants grown from hybrids don’t usually bear fertile seeds. You’ll need to invest in non-hybrid seeds, so the seeds from the plants you produce will also be capable of reproduction. Slingshots and other low-tech weapons may not do much against human-sized enemies, but don’t need manufactured ammunition. This makes for an excellent way to put small game on the table for protein and dietary variety.

Don’t Spread The Word About Your Preparations

Quiet Preparations

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The last thing you want to do is spread the news of your provisions. First, it opens up the possibility for theft even without an economic collapse or apocalypse. If your Facebook friends and coworkers know you’re holding valuable gold coins, gold bricks or weapons, someone may try to take them.

If there is a serious depression or apocalypse, you can bet that everyone who knows you have these provisions will be coming after what you have. It’s best to prepare in silence so you and your family are protected no matter what. Invest in tamper-proof locks for basement cellars, professional grade safes and other security precautions in case a random thief happens upon your provisions.

These Plans Can Be Valuable Even Without an Apocalypse

Valuable Plans

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While it is certainly advisable to plan for the worst case scenarios, these provisions could be a godsend even in the absence of a full-scale collapse of the economy or society. Depending on where you live, there is always a possibility that riots, natural disasters, terrorist attacks or other situations could cut you off from help for a while.

Make sure you have what you and your family need and you’ll be ready to face anything from job loss to global apocalypse with confidence and security.


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