10 Strange Song Titles Containing the Word “Gold”

Gold is a precious metal that captures everyone’s imagination. When people talk about what they would do if they suddenly became wealthy, creating something outrageous out of gold is usually one of the first things they mention. This shiny metal has also captured the imagination of songwriters all over the world and has produced some rather unusual song titles.

“Heart of Gold” by Neil Young

Heart of Gold

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The lyrics to this song are very insightful, but the title does not necessarily suggest a song with any great message to it. It is a song about longing and searching for someone who genuinely cares, but Neil Young continues to get old in his search for a heart of gold.

“Sister Golden Hair” by America

Sister Golden Hair

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The band known as America had several hits in the 1970’s, but “Sister Golden Hair” was probably its most popular. It is a song about a woman with blonde hair who gets left at the altar, but it is told from the point of view of the groom with cold feet.

“Band of Gold” by Freda Payne

Band of Gold

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This is another depressing song that associates gold and marriage. This is about a woman contemplating her life after a failed marriage. Freda Payne originally recorded it in 1955, but it has been covered repeatedly by other artists ever since.

“Goldfinger” by John Barry


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This was the title song on the soundtrack to the 1964 James Bond movie “Goldfinger.” When taken by itself, this title could be one of the strangest gold-related titles ever recorded.

“Gold Teeth On A Bum” by Dillinger Escape Plan

Gold Teeth on a Bum

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The Dillinger Escape Plan is a metal band that has become known for their strange titles and even stranger song arrangements. This song is actually more about the irony of wealth, but its title definitely makes it interesting to listen to.

“Seven Cities Of Gold” by Rush

Seven Cities of Gold

Image via RollingStone.com

The Canadian band Rush is known for its epic songs, but this is one that many Rush fans may not be familiar with. It is an interesting story that talks about the challenges a person meets in the course of their lives. This is off the band’s 2012 release “Clockwork Angels.”

“The Power Of Gold” by Dan Fogelberg

The Power of Gold

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Dan Fogelberg is known for his insightful songs and his interesting stories. This song is about the trappings of success and what having a little money can do to a person’s life.

“All The Gold In California” by The Gatlin Brothers

All the Gold in California

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This was a very popular song in the 1970’s because of its sing-along chorus and its generally happy nature. Can you imagine what you would do if you had all the gold in California?

“Your Gold Teeth” by Steely Dan

Your Gold Teeth

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People familiar only with Steely Dan’s soft rock hits of the 1970’s may be surprised to hear that the band has a very jazzy and intense side. This song was one that the group used to showcase its musical talents.

“Fool’s Gold” by Stone Roses

Fool's Gold

Image via Mirror.Co.Uk

This 1989 release by the Stone Roses instantly rose on the charts in the UK, the United States and countries all over the world.

Gold is a popular topic in music. But sometimes it is hard to tell what a song is about just from the title.

6 Facts You Didn’t Know About James Bond’s Goldfinger

The James Bond franchise of movies is one of the most popular franchises of all time. The 1964 release “Goldfinger” stands as one of the installments that Bond fans come back to again and again. This iconic movie has been combed over by movie fans for decades, but there are still plenty of things that the average movie-goer does not know about this very famous movie.

The Gold Looked Real

Real Gold

Image Courtesy of timsackton via Flickr

In the movie, there is a scene that is filmed in what looks like the vaults of the U.S. Treasury depository at Fort Knox. The film’s producers asked to film inside the actual vaults, but the United States government would not let them. To solve the problem, the producers built their own fake vaults and filled them with fake gold. But the vaults and the gold looked so real that the producers had to hire 24-hour security to prevent thieves from breaking in and stealing it.

Aston Martin Was Not Interested

Golden Aston Martin

Image Courtesy of JonRB via Flickr

The Aston Martin car that James Bond drives is recognized as an iconic image in movie history. But the Aston Martin Company did not want to give the producers one of their cars for free. The Aston Martin used in “Goldfinger” was actually purchased by the movie’s producers for the film. After the success of the movie and the boost in Aston Martin sales, the producers were able to get free cars for future films.

Gold is Not Magnetic

Non Magnetic Gold

Image Courtesy of Mark Weiss via ThisOldHouse.com

One of the scenes that fans remember from the movie is when James Bond puts a magnetic tracking device on Goldfinger’s car after the two finish playing a game of golf. Goldfinger’s car is made from 18-karat gold, which means that it is 75 percent gold. Anything made from 18-karat gold is not going to be magnetic.

Bond Diffuses the Bomb in Style

007 Bomb

Image Courtesy of 007.graphicallstars.com

The producers of James Bond movies always like including quick scenes that some fans catch and some do not. When Bond diffuses the bomb at the end of the movie, the bomb’s countdown clock stops on 0:07 seconds.

Crushing a Continental

Golden Ford

Image Courtesy of 007Collector.com

Fans who know the movie “Goldfinger” remember that a brand new Ford Lincoln Continental was crushed during the movie in a scrap yard scene. Ford actually supplied a free Lincoln Continental for this movie in exchange for having the new Mustang featured in a scene in the Swiss Alps. At that time, the Lincoln Continental was considered the height of luxury and style. While the scene of the Lincoln crushing was being filmed, the crew remained completely silent at the sight of a brand new Lincoln Continental being purposely destroyed.

Men Playing Women

Golden Men

Image Courtesy of SergBeret.WordPress.com

The guys who have seen “Goldfinger” remember the female Flying Circus that appeared to be made up of a whole troupe of scantily clad young ladies. The truth is that a significant portion of those ladies were actually men in drag.

There is a magic to movies that some people find alluring. But it is always fun to learn interesting facts about our favorite films, especially when the facts are about James Bond’s “Goldfinger”.

The Most Spectacular Gold Heists of All Time

A lot of robbers have made detailed plans to heist gold. Most of those plans fall through or result in small hauls. Others go down in the history books as some of the most spectacular gold heists of all time.

The Brink’s-MAT Heist at London Heathrow Airport

Heathrow Gold Heist

Image via Flickr by hugh llewelyn

Date: November 26, 1983

Location: London, England

Value: $33 million

Brink’s-MAT, a security company based in Virginia, didn’t do its job very well at its London Heathrow Airport location on November 26, 1983. In what was an obvious inside job, a gang of six men entered the warehouse with the help of a security job. Originally planning to steal about $4 million in cash, they ended up pouring gasoline on security guards and threatening to set them on fire if they didn’t open a vault containing $33 million of gold, diamonds, and cash.

Police suspect that as many as 15 people were involved in the heist, but only three were ever brought to justice.

The Great Ghan Gold Robbery

Ghan Gold Robbery

Image via Flickr by jeaneeem

Date: May 28-30, 1934

Location: Northern Territory, Australia

Value: $550,000

The Great Ghan Gold Robbery didn’t result in the world’s biggest haul, but it is one of the most mysterious heists. While traveling between Alice Springs and Quorn, Australia, someone took 34 pounds of gold from an unguarded safe aboard the Northern Express train. A guarded safe on the train wasn’t even touched. Either the robbers didn’t want any trouble, or it was an inside job.

Authorities never arrested anyone for the crime (they didn’t even know exactly when the crime had occurred). The train company fined one of the guards a small amount for his carelessness.

Weston Gold Robbery

Weston Gold Theft

Image via Flickr by o palsson

Date: June 30, 1861

Location:  Weston, West Virginia

Value: $500,000

West Virginia, the only state established during the Civil War, has a complicated past that not only includes battles between the North and South, but a gold heist that helped fund the Union’s administration. In 1861, Colonel Erastus Tyler, accompanied by the 7th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, roused the residents of Weston in search of secession sympathizers. They were also there to “collect” a large stash of gold intended to pay for the construction of a new railroad.

The Union soldiers left enough money to pay construction workers, but they made off with about $500,000 worth of gold. That money was then used to build a hospital and barracks that helped establish West Virginia as a Union state separate from the seceded Virginia.

Beirut Gold Heist

Beirut Gold Heist

Image via Flickr by austinevan

Date: January 1976

Location: Beirut, Lebanon

Value: Between $20 million and $50 million

Recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as history’s biggest safe deposit box robbery, a group of guerilla soldiers stole a large amount of gold bars, cash, and jewelry from the British Bank of the Middle East. The soldiers stole from numerous safe deposit boxes, so it’s impossible to know exactly how much they took. Many estimate the value between $20 million and $50 million.

A truce later ended much of the fighting between Christian and Muslim forces in Beirut, but one lucky group of soldiers made off with a fortune. They were never officially held accountable for the theft.

Considering gold’s persistently high value, it’s no wonder that so many robbers want to steal it. What would you do if you suddenly had a stash of gold worth hundreds of thousands of dollars?

The Meanings Behind Gold Idioms

Have you ever heard someone say another has a heart of gold? Many things are said to be worth their weight in gold. Where did these idioms come from, and what exactly do they mean?

Gold Standard

Gold Standard

Image via Flickr by Brian Giesen

Where it started: The gold standard was adopted by most countries in the mid-1800s. This standard stated that if someone wanted to trade in their paper money, it would be backed by the government for the same value in gold. What did this achieve? It helped the people to pay for goods and services without having to haul around tons of heavy metal. The value of the money was real, and everyone knew it.

What it means today: The majority of the countries who had originally adopted this standard let it go by the wayside around the time of World War 1. This helped them pay for the war, which wasn’t cheap. Today, however, the phrase “gold standard” is still heavily used. Today, it means the best of the best; it is the standard by which all others are held. If a product is the gold standard, there is nothing better. This term is used for any items with a wide variance of quality.

All That Glitters is Not Gold

Glittering Gold

Image via Flickr by pnjunction2007

Where it started: Back in the days of the gold rush, there were many people panning for gold all over the world. However, many found pyrite instead of gold. Otherwise known as fool’s gold, this stone was practically worthless. It looked pretty, and even shined much more than authentic gold. Unfortunately, all that meant was that many fell for Mother Nature’s ruse.

What it means today: The phrase “all that glitters is not gold” is used as a cautionary statement. This phrase warns people who even though something looks great that does not mean it is. Things do not have value simply because they are pretty.

Worth its Weight in Gold

Weight in Gold

Image via Flickr by snigl3t

Where it started: This saying has roots back to the Roman Empire. Gold has always been valuable, and because of that, the more you had, the wealthier you were. Of course, the more gold you had, the more it weighed, as well.

What it means today: The meaning hasn’t changed much in the intervening years. Today, the phrase “worth its weight in gold” still means that something is very valuable. However, many times the saying is given to things without a tangible value or weight. If someone says, for example, that their education is worth its weight in gold, they simply mean that they feel their schooling was extremely important and valuable to them.

Heart of Gold

Heart of Gold

Image via Flickr by LiNdAZi

Where it started: Gold has symbolized many things to many cultures through history. Some of the most common things it has represented, however, are luxury and nobility. The positive qualities of the metal are what this phrase point toward.

What it means today: If someone is said to have a heart of gold, it means that they are a kind, caring, loving person that puts others ahead of themselves. This harkens back to the meanings originally placed on the metal—all positive attributes in human nature.

There are many idioms that express the value and importance of gold in human history. For many centuries we have been enamored of the metal, and as we continue to value it we continue to use idioms exemplifying gold regularly.

7 Movies With Gold-Obsessed Characters

Gone are the days of pirates setting out on dangerous voyages in search of hidden treasure and cargo carriers hauling loads of valuable commodities. Today, we live out our fantasies of discovering long-lost treasures on the big screen through the eyes of our favorite heroes and heroines.

The Goonies Find One-Eyed Willie’s Long-Lost Treasure and Save Their Homes

The Goonies

Image Courtesy of Ben Northern via Flickr

This Stephen Spielberg film was released in 1985. The story follows a group of teens who discover a lost treasure map and set out in pursuit of the riches, despite facing danger along the way.

Nicolas Cage Fulfills the Family Legacy in National Treasure

National Treasure

Image courtesy of ~kate~ via Flickr

Benjamin Franklin Gates, portrayed by Nicolas Cage, embarks on a quest to discover the greatest treasure in history. He must run from the FBI and out-smart his nemesis along the way, all while finding time to earn the affections of the beautiful Ms. Abigail Chase.

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre Proves the Destructive Power of Greed

Sierra Madre

Image Courtesy of Fried Dough via Flickr

This 1948 film is adapted from B. Traven’s 1927 novel, bearing the same name. Two Americans down on their luck meet up with a gold prospector and set out for the Sierra Madre mountains in search of gold. Dobbs, portrayed by Humphrey Bogart, is the one to uncover gold but soon finds himself engulfed with greed and distrust of his partners.

Trespass: A Failed Update to The Treasure of Sierra Madre


Image Courtesy of alex_lee2001 via Fotopedia

Trespass debuted in 1992, starring Ice Cube, Ice-T, Bill Paxton and William Sadler. Two firemen (Paxton and Sadler) decide to pursue a hidden treasure in an abandoned building after being given a map by an elderly man who dies in a fire they were attempting to diffuse.

Three Kings Puts a Modern Twist on Treasure Hunting

Three Kings

Image Courtesy of The U.S. Army via Fotopedia

Three Kings, released in 1999 and set in the post-Persian Gulf War era, commencing just as the war ends and U.S. troops are wrapping up unfinished business. George Clooney portrays Major Archie Gates, who convinces his fellow troops to search for gold bullion stolen from Kuwait, believed to be hidden in Saddam Hussein’s bunkers.

DuckTales Brings Our Favorite Animated Characters to the Big Screen in Search of Gold


Image Courtesy of Sweet One via Flickr

Enough with the seriousness! DuckTales brings the fun back to treasure hunting with the animated Walt Disney Pictures film, released in 1990. Scrooge McDuck and his loyal grand-nephews, Huey, Dewey and Louie, embark on a voyage to obtain the Treasure of Collie Baba.

Gold Diggers: The Secret of Bear Mountain Engages the Teen Crowd Once Again

Gold Diggers

Image Courtesy of cm195902 via Flickr

The 1995 film Gold Diggers: The Secret of Bear Mountain, starring Anna Chlumsky and Christina Ricci, covers the journey of two troubled young girls who decide to explore the caves under Bear Mountain in search of hidden gold. What they find is far more valuable: Friendship.

These seven films are just a few among the vast collection of movies dedicated to fulfilling our wildest dreams and fantasies of discovering long-lost treasure. Modern adaptations of age-old stories tend to have the most box-office success, especially when driven with strong lead actors, such as Nicolas Cage and George Clooney, or those created by masterminds among the likes of Stephen Spielberg.