Jewelry for Manly Men: A Guide to Wise Selections

Choosing jewelry for a manly man is a dangerous game. You have to know the man, or you risk choosing jewelry he will immediately take to the pawn shop for beer money.

Wedding Ring: Too Much, Too Little, or Just Right

Gold Wedding Ring

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Even manly men who don’t like jewelry start wearing rings when they get married. Picking out a wedding ring for a man, however, is just as complicated as picking one out for a woman.

Some men prefer a classic, thick gold band. It doesn’t say anything except “I’m married.” Others like rings that have something special about them. They might want a small diamond embedded in the band, or they might want a smaller band with an etched design. If you’ve never seen your man wear a ring before, you have no idea what he prefers. You’ll just have to ask.

Gold Chains: Easier Than You Might Think

Gold Chains

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With all the different types of gold chains made for men, you’d think picking one is difficult. But this is about as easy as it gets. Just ask yourself these questions:

  • Does he frequently leave the top three buttons on his shirt open? If so, he wants a long, thick chain. Preferably one that sparkles enough that people can see it through his chest hair.
  • Does he wear a turtle neck? If so, he wants a medium-length chain… Preferably braided or with a small pendant dangling from the bottom.
  • Does he often wear a suit where the pants, jacket, shirt, and tie are all the same color? If so, then he wants a two-tone necklace made of yellow and white gold.
  • Does he have any allergies or other medical concerns? If yes, then he wants a dog tag pendant with medical instructions engraved on it. Well, he might not want it, but that’s what he needs.

Pinky Rings: Joe Pesci Wore One

Gold Signet Ring

Image via Flickr by Instant Vantage

A pinky ring says something different than a wedding ring. Instead of “hey, I’m married over here,” it says “hey, I got some style over here.” It’s for men who enjoy nice suits and getting their hair cut every ten days on the day.

How do you know if your manly man will like a pinky ring? That’s easy. If he’s a Joe Pesci fan, he either secretly wants one or he tells you, daily, how awesome he would look with some bling on his smallest finger. If you’ve ever heard him say “forgetaboutit,” even as a joke, then he wants something with a little flash.

Bracelets: Go Simple or Go Away

Gold Bracelet

Image via Flickr by famrust

Even manly men who like a little flash in their wardrobe are suspicious of bracelets. He sees one and thinks “that’s a watch that doesn’t know how to tell time.”

Still, some of the manliest men like to show off with gold bracelets. As a general rule, you should find a simple design with some weight to it. If you go to thin, he’ll think it looks feminine.

Sometimes you have to get creative when buying jewelry for manly men. What strategies have you used? Have you ever misread him and bought something that he really didn’t like?


4 Weird Places the Average Joe Might Find Gold Without Going Mining

If you are an average person looking for a golden opportunity, listen up. There is a wealth of gold out there just waiting to be mined, and you don’t need any special tools or a hard hat. One of Earth’s most precious and valuable metals, gold seems to show up in the oddest places. You’ll find it for sale sometimes for half of its real value by people who don’t know what they have. Like all types of mining, you just need to know where to look.

Estate Sales are Like Mini Gold Mines

Estate Sale Gold

Image via Flickr by Candie_N (Welcome Spring)

Usually, visions of boring auctions for tired old paintings come to mind when you think of an estate sale. However, you can find lots of different types of gold here in the strangest forms. The most lucrative source is often broken, tarnished or old jewelry. To the untrained eye, a snapped necklace chain or bent bracelet is nearly worthless, but if it is gold, it is worth money. You’ll also find it coating plaques, tableware, plates, and even old picture frames.

Open a World of Golden Opportunity

Golden Books

Image via Flickr by GlasgowAmateur

You won’t find much without knowing how to read, but did you know you can find real gold right on the pages of a book? Gold leaf covers the edges of old, antique books. Gold is very malleable and soft, so it is used to create stamps inside of books or on the cover as a decoration. Check antique stores, or old book dealers. You might get a really good deal on a dusty, mold-gathering, turn-of-the-century book with real gold leaf.

Joining the Electronic Gold Rush

Electronic Gold Rush

Image via Flickr by compujeramey

Since gold has excellent conductivity, it is inside of many electronics we use everyday like your cell phone, tablet PC, or desktop computer. Expensive HDMI cables also contain gold on the tips of the connectors. It takes a great deal of effort to get the gold out of a phone or a computer, but if you are familiar with gold extraction processes, you can make a go of it.

Reaching for Excellence

Gold Medals

Image Via Flickr by zieak

You might find gold on a high school athletic medal, or the stamp on a prestigious paper award, degree, or certificate. These are often made from gold pressed paper-thin. A trophy may also contain gold leaf, gold plating or even a solid gold head. You might find these items at yard sales, curio shops, thrift stores, or even in your parent’s attic. Be creative and look around.

If you cannot find any gold in the attic, check outside. Gold is also used in roofing materials. You might check dumps, or even abandoned construction sites for traces of the precious metal. You’ll also find it on picture frames, and even in some liquor bottles.

Gold is bound to show up in very odd places because it has always been so useful and valuable and therefore recycled. So, never doubt that you or anyone else can find it in the weirdest places.

Don’t Get Ripped Off! Know the Value of Your Gold Before Selling

A tight global economy means that people are looking for ways to bring in some extra cash whenever they can. One of the methods for getting some extra money is selling off gold jewelry that has been sitting around for years. Just because you need the money does not mean that you should become a victim. The more that you know about the value of gold, the less your chances of getting ripped off when you go to sell it.

What is a Karat?

Gold Karat

Image Courtesy of Jungle_Boy via Flickr

A karat is a value of measurement assigned to the amount of actual gold in a piece. For example, a 10-karat piece has less real gold in it than a 14-karat piece. It is based on percentages and the actual percentages are:

  • 10-karat is 42 percent pure gold
  • 14-karat is 58 percent pure gold
  • 18-karat is 75 pecent pure gold

The rest of the metals are fillers that have no value. You can purchase testing kits online which will accurately let you know exactly how many karats your jewelry is so that you can get a fair price for it. It will also help you understand how much of it you will actually get if you send it to a refinery.

Know Your Options

Gold Options

Image Courtesy of Living in Monrovia via Flickr

When you are looking to get a fair price on your jewelry, it is always a good idea to gather prices from various sources. This does not mean that you should go to different jewelry stores, it means that you should try different kinds of jewelry buyers to get your pricing. Pawn shops, jewelry stores, online gold buyers, gold buying home parties and refineries are just some of the places where you can get fair prices for all of your gold jewelry.

Separate Your Gold

Gold Treasure

Image Courtesy of

A gold coin could potentially have more value than a gold necklace, because the coin could have been minted to be worth a value above the value of just the metal. A gold coin that was part of sunken pirate treasure is also going to have more value than a standard gold coin. With more people scouring the oceans for sunken gold, it is not unusual to see gold coins from the 15th and 16th centuries show up in people’s collections. Separate your jewelry and see if the intrinsic value of the piece may exceed the value of the metal.

Get a General Understanding

Understanding Gold

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Before you go shopping for a car, you will spend hours on the Internet trying to determine a fair price for the vehicle you want. You need to use the same process before you head out to sell your jewelry. If you purchase a scale that can help you to weigh your gold in grams and combine that with your karat test, then you can use an online gold calculator to get an idea of what the gold is worth.

That pile of old gold jewelry you have been holding onto could pay your mortgage for a month or even be used as tuition for your child’s education. Before you actually sell your gold, you need to educate yourself on how to get a fair price so that you can avoid being ripped off.

3 Creative Ways to Find Gold

Gold is perhaps the most precious metal on earth, and by far the most cherished among jewelry metals. However, it is not always treated as such. Some people nearly give it away at garage sales, yard sales and other events where a sell-it-now attitude persists. You can also find this metal in places you wouldn’t expect–even thrift stores. So, before you put on that gold miner’s hat and grab your pan, check out these unique and creative ways to find gold without a lot of work or expense.

Going the Extra Yard for Gold

Yard Sale Gold

Image Courtesy of usedtobelost via Flickr

Yard sales and garage sales are like downsized gold mines you don’t have to dig too far to find. You may have to sift through dozens of items before you lay your hands on that elusive gold, but it won’t be as hard as chiseling through solid stone, and you’ll never have to lift an axe. All you have to do is resell the gold to a gold buyer, who will offer a price minus a small fee or commission, or direct to a refinery that accepts raw gold from sellers. Simply check your yellow pages or the Internet for dealers.

Some people simply don’t account for the value of gold at a yard sale. You may find it in some very strange places. Look for gold spoons, gold candlesticks, and even gold picture frames. Other common gold items include gold thread (made with real gold and often overlooked), gold leaf paper, and even gold cooking utensils, plates or thimbles. These items might be sold off as invaluable, or even donated to a thrift store. So, check there as well!

The New Digital Goldmine

Digital Gold

Image Courtesy of sermoa via Flickr

It is possible to find gold in electronics, although it is a challenge. Gold is a very good conductor of electricity so it is the preferred metal for electrical connections in computer motherboards, cables and wires (like your HDMI cable) and even old televisions.

Now, it takes time, effort and energy to extract the gold, but if you are willing, you can do it. You first remove all the connectors using metal snips or a similar tool. Then, extract the gold by dissolving it in acid, chlorine bleach and water. Just be very careful, this process requires special preparation. So, if you are unsure, do not attempt it. Instead, go ahead and send it off to a refinery with your other gold finds.

A Golden Estate of Affairs

Gold Estate

Image Courtesy of PV KS via Flickr

Estate sales are another excellent way to find gold without a pick axe. Be on the look out for gold-lined china dishes, platters, utensils, spoons, forks and other housewares. Be on the look out for necklaces, earrings, and even bracelets. If jewelry items appear damaged or broken, sellers will often give you a deal. If you are shrewd enough, you can work out a deal with the estate sellers who often just want to sell everything quickly.

Other items include gold class rings, cuff links, trophies, and coins. You will also find many items appearing to hold little value except for their gold! Remember, objects like canes may have gold handles, and even jewelry boxes contain gold inlays, latches, or trim.

Gold is a popular metal and often turns up in the strangest places. These items will often sell for half the value of the gold they contain. If gold is going for $1500 an ounce, you don’t need a great big pile of it to make money.

Panning for Gold Today: Where to Go & How to Succeed

You can find gold in almost any US state. Most places, however, just have trace elements. If you want to make money panning for gold today, you have to know where to go and what method to use.

Gold Creek, Alaska

Gold Creek

Image via Flickr by Natecull

The appropriately named Gold Creek runs through several towns near Juneau, Alaska. If you can stand the long hike, Last Chance Basin also has a reputation as a great place to pan for gold. Few people strike it rich at these locations, but rumor has it that someone found a 3/4 ounce nugget there recently.

You’ll need the standard panning equipment:

  • Shovel
  • Bucket
  • Sieve
  • Small spade
  • Waterproof boots (it gets cold in Alaska!)

You’ll also need dedication. Panning is hard work that requires physical and mental strength. If you get discouraged easily, then you’ve already failed.

Finger Lakes, New York

Gold Finger Lakes

Image via Flickr by Todd Huffman

Gold prospectors have said for years that there isn’t anything worth finding in New York State. It turns out that the old-timers just didn’t have the right technology to get the gold.

If you want to find gold in New York, head to a basin in the Finger Lakes region and start looking in small cracks between rocks. How? You just need some suction.

Before heading out in search of gold, make sure you have a power sluice. It’s essentially a strong water pump attached to a mechanical sieve. Put your hose deep in those cracks to suck out hidden gold.

Charlotte, North Carolina

Gold in Charlotte

Image via Flickr by avlxyz

Everyone remembers the California Gold Rush, but history seems to have forgotten about an earlier rush that took place east of Charlotte, North Carolina. Reed’s Gold Mine, as it’s known today, has recently started to attract new treasure hunters willing to wade through the Little Meadow Creek and other nearby waterways.

Don’t expect to find anything like the 17-pound gold rock that started the Gold Rush in 1799 or the 28-pound found by a slave in 1803. Many members of the local Gold Prospectors Association of America chapter haven’t found so much as an ounce.

Still, there’s a lot of potential in the area. John Reed eventually turned to underground mining, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still find gold in the water.

American River, California

California Gold

Image via Flickr by Joe Mabel

California banned suction dredging in 2010, so you can’t use the same methods that have made a handful of New York prospectors rich.

Several locations, including American River, however, still let you use panning and metal detector methods to find gold. To make the most of your time, it’s best to use a combination of the methods.

What you’ll need:

  • A metal detector to find large deposits
  • Standard panning equipment
  • Luck

Using a metal detector can increase your chances of finding higher concentrations of gold in the silt, but metal detectors will also tell you start working whenever they find metal trash. That’s why you need luck as well as science to find gold in California rivers.

Do you have any secret spots where you hunt for gold, or have you found that it’s best to where others have already struck it rich?