4 Infamous Ladies of Hollywood Who Invested in Gold

You don’t have to have to purchase gold bricks to make a sound investment. Even buying a gold bracelet makes you an investor. These ladies of Hollywood knew a thing or two about looking good and putting their money in a metal that would increase in value.

Elizabeth Taylor: Smart and Beautiful

Elizabeth Taylor Gold

Image via Flickr by Cangul

Elizabeth Taylor earned her infamous reputation by becoming one of the sexiest women in Hollywood’s Golden Age. Of course, getting married eight times only solidified that image. Taylor might have had her personal quirks, but she knew where to put her money: she had an obsession with jewelry.

Shortly after her death, Christie’s auctioned off her collection for $115.9 million, setting a new world record. Why did the collection make so much money? Partially because the pieces belonged to Taylor, but also because she had some of the world’s most beautiful items. Some of the collections highlights included:

  • A tiara made of gold and diamonds ($4.22 million)
  • A Cartier gold chain and ruby necklace ($8.81 million)
  • A Van Cleef and Arpels ring ($4.22 million)

Angelina Jolie: Making it for the Kids

Angelina Jolie Gold

Image via Flickr by Gage Skidmore

Angelina Jolie can seemingly transform herself into any kind of woman, whether that means becoming a drug-crazed model or a treasure-hunting badass. Jolie’s talents go beyond her acting abilities, though. She also has her own line of jewelry.

Angelina joined forces with renowned jewelry designer Robert Procop to make a collection of rings, bracelets, and necklaces. Jolie set up the jewelry line to support her charity, Education Partnership for Child of Conflict. Sometimes investing in gold jewelry is about helping others.

Jennifer Lopez: Super-Bling Fashion Statement

Jennifer Lopez Bling

Image via Flickr by Ana Kley

J. Lo likes to claim that she’s still Jenny from the block. She just doesn’t mention that her block is now in the Hollywood Hills. How else could she manage to wear $5 million of jewelry to the 2013 Grammy Awards.

That doesn’t mean she has a collection worth $5 million. That means she wore that much jewelry on one evening! The ensemble included five rings and a bracelet with 33-carat diamonds. She even had gold-flecked fingernails. If she wore that much bling on her original block, she would have gotten mugged.

Julianne Hough: Jewelry’s Biggest Loser

Julianne Hough Jewelry

Image via Flickr by jvh33

No one knows how much jewelry Julianne Hough has in her collection, but the “Safe Haven” actress apparently has enough that she can afford to lose $100,000 worth from her car.

House, who is also a singer and two-time winner on “Dancing With the Stars,” received the jewelry as a gift from her boyfriend, Ryan Seacrest. When she parked her Mercedes in Hollywood to visit a friend, someone must have noticed that she left her high-priced jewelry in the car. When Hough returned, she found the doors open and her jewelry missing.

Collecting gold jewelry is a smart investment strategy. Leaving it in your (unlocked?) car doesn’t really show off your intelligence, though.

Do you know of other actresses who have spent a lot of money on gold jewelry? Do you think they do it strictly for the looks, or do they have value in mind, too?

Trendy Rose Gold or Classic Yellow? How to Choose a Color for a Partner

Choosing jewelry for someone other than yourself can be a tricky thing. Not only do you need to make sure you get a style they will like, you need to make sure you get it in a metal they will love. Different people have different gold preferences, and with so many gold options today, it can get a little overwhelming.

Yellow Gold is Classic

Yellow Gold Jewelry

Image Courtesy of Somma via Flickr

Is your loved one a fan of antique styles and ancient history? If so, they will probably love classic yellow gold jewelry. There are many people who love the simple look of yellow gold, and there are a variety of jewelry styles that lend themselves to the metal.

  • Men generally prefer yellow gold necklaces over other gold colors.
  • Yellow gold is still the best option for a man’s wedding band.
  • A simple chain for a woman in yellow gold is a great gift option.
  • Women who prefer classic styles will prefer yellow gold jewelry.

Rose Gold is Modern

Modern Rose Gold

Image Courtesy of …love Maegan via Flickr

Today’s modern metal is rose gold. This pink colored gold is much more subtle than yellow gold. It looks great with a variety of clothing colors and styles, and comes in many different shades. Rose gold jewelry has come to be seen not only as a fashion trend, but also as a symbol of love.

  • You may see a young man wearing a rose gold watch, however, this is seen as a more feminine metal.
  • Young, hip brides choose rose gold over any other styles for their wedding bands.
  • Rose gold pairs well with any number of outfits, so is great for those who don’t want to wear a lot of jewelry at once.
  • Though there are a significant number of highly formal rose gold pieces, it is also seen as a casual metal, and can be worn almost anywhere.

White Gold is Classy

Classy White Gold

Image Courtesy of Gnilenkov Aleksey via Flickr

Where yellow gold is classic, white gold is classy. The difference is subtle, but intense. Many who wear white gold feel that yellow gold is an antiquated style and that it is garish. Those who want to stay up to the moment in the fashion world stick with white gold.

  • White gold is the wedding band material of choice for brides in their 30’s and older.
  • When selecting jewelry for a woman who is always one step ahead of fashion, select white gold.
  • Men in the business world frequently select white gold due to its reputation.

Combine the Three

Colored Gold

Image Courtesy of cobalt123 via Flickr

If you really want to get modern and fun, you can always combine the three most common gold styles—yellow, rose, and white. In fact, there are many jewelry pieces that combine them in beautiful ways to enhance the styling of each. This is a great way to go if you simply can’t decide what to get for your loved one.

Remember, the preferences above are generalizations. When getting jewelry for someone else, it is important to know what they like. You can ask them or someone else that may know, or you can make a note of the jewelry they already wear.

How Female Entrepreneurs Can Out-Grow Males by 2014

Women are Jills-of-all-trades and masters of every one of them, which is why so many female investors are making names for themselves as serious financial forces. They’re carving out their niches in the fickle world of finance to the point where, with growing portfolios and smart investments, female entrepreneurs are on-track to outgrow the guys by 2014. The secret behind their success may come as a surprise: diamonds are yesterday’s news and gold has stepped up as a woman’s new BFF.

All That Glitters is Gold

All That Glitters is Gold

Image Courtesy of BullionVault via Flickr

In spite of a few ups and downs around 2008, gold is now hitting a high point. It represents one of the most stable investments because it is always worth something. Financial experts, investors, entrepreneurs, banks and other financial institutions estimate that in just a few years the value of gold will increase to nearly $2,500 an ounce. Whereas various stocks are always at the whim of an unsteady market, gold is solid—especially when you’re actually investing in solid gold. That’s the important thing to remember when considering how gold benefits female investors and entrepreneurs in particular.

Setting up a Solid Gold Portfolio

Solid Gold Portfolio

Image Courtesy of s_falkow via Flickr

In 2001, an ounce of gold was worth around $260; in 2011, it was nearly $2,000 per ounce, and its potential continues to grow for very simple reasons. Gold is tangible. You can easily touch it, see it, smell it, even taste it if you want. Gold isn’t as transitory as other currencies. Women who choose to base their portfolios around gold are investing in something that won’t disappear or become worthless. There are industries that pay a premium for gold. This means that the woman who chooses to think outside the piggy bank and invest in gold has all the capital and leverage she needs for any entrepreneurial venture.

Turning Style into Security

Security Gold

Image Courtesy of SarahCartwright via Flickr

It sounds a little trite, but the fact of the matter is that women know jewelry. They know when a necklace, ring or bracelet has a valuable setting. They know when a piece of jewelry is really worth something—and yes, many women begin investing in gold through jewelry. That knowledge is far-reaching, however. From there, many female entrepreneurs diversify their gold portfolios by researching all the different types of gold available to them.

They begin purchasing gold bars and coins as well as jewelry. They go online and learn about trading gold. They set up gold IRAs to protect their current investments while buying even more. The really amazing thing about women investors and entrepreneurs who opt for the golden path is the way they come together, work together, and grow together. This sense of sisterhood and teamwork is undoubtedly one of the main reasons why they’re set to outgrow their male counterparts by the time gold reaches its stellar price in 2014.

Merging Sisterhood and Success

Gold Success

Image Courtesy of Fortune Live Media via Flickr

There are myriad companies founded by women, for women; many of them began with just a bit of gold. Women with an entrepreneurial spirit banded together, pooled their resources, and just like that, they started their own portfolios. A little jewelry, some gold coins, some brilliant trades, and suddenly they’re financial geniuses. They have money, revenue, security, and the knowledge to help other women who want to become entrepreneurs, too.

So many people eschew the idea of investing in solid gold. Because of the risks they take and their keen insights into the future of their investments, more female entrepreneurs strengthen their portfolios to the point where they’ve become the queens of the financial world.

Gold Jewelry on the Runways: 6 Hot Trends This Year

What would an outfit be without accessories? Gold jewelry is always a part of high fashion and here are the hottest trends for gold this year.

Pink Gold

Pink Gold

Image via LouisVuitton.eu

A perfect complement to most skin tones, pink gold is coming in big this fall. Many jewelry designers are using pink gold in their designs for earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings. Louis Vuitton is offering pink gold items including a simple necklace with heart entwining a monogrammed flower, available with matching bracelet and earrings. Cartier’s new line includes pink gold necklaces complemented by blue sapphires as well as other options in their LOVE collection.



Image via Cartier.us

The next top trend found on the runways is the combination of three golds: white gold, yellow gold, and pink gold. It’s found at Cartier in the Trinity collection which has been worn by the likes of Kate Middleton and Naomi Watts. Other designers are joining the trend including Louis Vuitton’s monogram idyll ring.

Tough Girl Chic

Tough Gold

Image via TheStyleCure.com

For girls that want to show their toughness through their jewelry, the new trend of nail inspired jewelry is a welcome sight. The nail design used in Cartier’s Juste un Clou Collection is inspired by designs from the ’70s, while amping up the quality of the pieces. Both rings and bracelets are available. Hermes takes the design to a whole new level with a gold twisted nail bangle or check out A.L.C large nail cuff (pictured above).


Whimsical Gold

Image via Prediletto.us.com

If Alice in Wonderland is more your style, new trends in whimsical designs are here. Prediletto has many designs to choose from including keyholes, books, and balloons. The one shown above is set in white and pink gold with ebony and Mother of Pearl. Percossi Papi brings designs to life that are ocean inspired including Old World sailing ships, fish, and pirate skulls. Very colorful, these designs use many precious stones including blue topaz, peridot, garnet and sapphire.


Animal Gold

Image via Elle.com

Jewelry trending right now is often shaped like animals. From the frog ring to the giraffe bracelet, if you’re an animal lover, you’ll have a lot to choose from. David Webb has many animal-inspired choices. One such choice is the diamond panther necklace, complemented with yellow gold, platinum and emeralds. Another option is the frog link bracelet of yellow gold.

Rings are another common piece of jewelry with animal themes. There’s the Big Snake ring (picture above) by Ileana Makri or gecko ring by Kenneth Jay Lane.

Chunky Jewelry

Chunky Gold

Image via FashionFame.com

Whatever style you choose, it’s clear that it should be big and bold. With this statement jewelry, it becomes the outfit, so use the rest of your outfit as a canvas for it. The Mawi honeycomb cuff in rose gold is fabulous with a black dress while the Maiyet gold sculpt ring will definitely stand out on anyone’s finger. Big rings are definitely in whether you choose a triple finger snake ring or a double knuckle hinged ring.

Whether in the form of eye-catching jewelry to make a statement about who you are, something simple to give that extra oomph to an outfit or treasured heirlooms, gold is always a good investment on or off the runway.