Where You Can Buy Gold

Looking to get into gold buying? It’s a great investment, and has been for thousands of years. Like they say about real estate, they’re not making any more gold so it has nowhere to go but up in value. Unlike real estate, gold is easily portable and isn’t subject to neighborhood association rules or noisy neighbors.


Buy Gold

Image Courtesy of 401 (K) 2012 via Flickr

The First Place to Start

When you begin buying gold, learning the ropes is important. Get a gold testing kit to determine the purity of gold pieces you’re buying and learn how to keep track of current gold prices and properly price the gold you’re buying. Start close to home – offering to buy unwanted and unused gold jewelry and items from family, friends, coworkers and neighbors. This is a great way to get your feet wet before going public with your efforts.

The Next Step

Likely, the news that you’re giving cash for gold will spread, and you’ll begin to get some word of mouth business. But if this isn’t bringing you enough gold to satisfy your desires – and it probably won’t – it’s time to begin placing ads. Newspapers and local trade papers are a great way to start locally, but you’ll need to go online if you’re looking for large amounts of gold to buy at great prices.

Following Other Leads

Keep an eye out for online auctions and other places where people are trying to sell valuable items for cash. In this economy, it’s never difficult to find someone looking to turn grandma’s jewelry or other items into cash to pay bills. Watch for ads on auction sites and online classified ads for people who need to sell gold for cash.

A Word on Security

Make sure you’re keeping your gold in a secure place. Invest in a safe, and never invite strangers from the Internet to your home.